This Week @ As We Walk Along the Road: February 20, 2015

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After taking off last week for our impromptu “spring” break, we were treated to a small ice storm this week. Schools here in the South close at the slightest mention of cold stuff, so they were closed on Tuesday and delayed every other day this week (because of cold temps like *9). We had a more or less regular week except I did let the kids go sledding Tuesday morning and then do school in the afternoon.

 Ashlyne and Rachel and I are using a pretty cool new science video program that we’re reviewing. I like it so far, and I’m looking forward to the review. This week we spent some time on one of the astronomy videos and worksheets. It was a good review because we studied astronomy with My Father’s World last year.

I finally relented and let the girls go back to CTC math. We reviewed it last year, and I liked it but was concerned that it wasn’t complete enough. We’ve been doing Saxon, but they absolutely hate it. CTC does a good job of covering the material but not overwhelming them. I think I’m sticking with it.

Snow was predicted this week. My husband- as excited as the kids- went out and got a few cheapy plastic sleds. Monday night- the night before the great snow and ice storm was supposed to come, the kids were thrilled.

What we really ended up getting was a sleet/snow mix Monday afternoon and night. Although there wasn’t too much snow to look at, it meant Jason didn’t have to work. So he and the kids really did get to use those sleds. And the ice actually made the sleds a little more fun than snow.

On Wednesday, we found out that the animal rescue shelter where were able to get our dog, Blondie, after Christmas last year had a bad fire. The office and some other buildings were lost, and some animals were killed. We were all pretty devastated. This is an awesome rescue place that does a great job and really cares for animals.

We started thinking about what we could do to help. So I had the idea to make and sell homemade dog treats. I found an easy recipe, and Rachel helped me on Thursday night. We made peanut butter flavored dog treats, and we’re selling them for $5 a bag. All the proceeds are going to the shelter.

Rachel is a good cooking helper. And you can see that Blondie watched carefully the whole time. She loves peanut butter!

 They actually turned out really good, and they were very easy to make.

I got new glasses this week. It’s been eight years since I’ve had new ones. The kids all said I looked “weird”, and Charles thinks they make me look older. But I like them, and I really like having something a little different.

 Today was our co-op week. We operated on a delayed schedule because the public schools did. We still got to do most of our classes. My class is board games this semester. Charles and some of the other guys in the class had a chess tournament going on today.

Ashlyne has a meet this weekend on Sunday, so it’s going to be a busy weekend. I’m hoping for more mild temperatures next week. I’m a born and bred Southerner who doesn’t like single digit temps!

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