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I was hesitant to even write a weekly wrap up this week, and I’m sure it’s not going to be a riveting read. I feel like a broken record sometimes. The summary of the week is- It was COLD. (If you live in the far north don’t mock me.) It was in, like, the 30s this week! And this morning when we headed to co-op, it was 19 degrees! How is that possible?!! We had a pretty typical school week with co-op today (Friday). So here it is: a look at our very typical, somewhat dull week.

Charles figured out how to do a pretty cool 3-D picture using his x-acto knife.  I suppose I should be concerned that he did it when he was in his room supposedly doing school. But, it is a rather creative picture.

Blondie, my thus far perfect dog, was bad this week. On Tuesday we caught her eating a book under the table. Upon further inspection, it was one of my favorites- Falling Up by Shel Silverstein. I told her if she didn’t like poetry, she could have just avoided it.

In other news, I think I’ve become an Aldi convert. If you don’t happen to live near an Aldi, it’s a super cheap grocery store that carries primarily all of their own brands. They aren’t fancy. It looks like the inside of a warehouse. They don’t bag your groceries or give you bags. And you have to pay a quarter for your buggy, but you get it back when you return it.

I’ve held off of getting on the Aldi train for a looong time. I’m a self-confessed grocery snob, and I like brand names. But we’ve gotten to the point where we need to buy groceries for less or stop eating. So I went to Aldi.

They have a good many all natural items, some organic items, and lots of gluten free choices. Those things sold me from the beginning. And when I saw how much I could get for the same price I pay everywhere else, I was pretty amazed. These groceries ALL cost me around $50!

I’m not sure I could ever use Aldi as my only store because their selection is limited, and there have been a few things of their brand that we just didn’t like. But I’m definitely going here first now!

Ashlyne and Rachel and I finished up the continent of Africa this week, and we’ll be moving on to Asia. One neat thing in My Father’s World this week was the MAF flights worksheet. There were activities to calculate how long it took to fly from location to location; a logic puzzle to decide which plane to take using all the clues; and an activity writing your name using the aviation alphabet.

And, there’s the cute nose. How can I stay mad at this face, book or no book?

Because we are finishing up Africa, the girls used all four continents learned so far to play the geography game. It’s amazing how many world countries they’ve learned this year!

I’m thankful that the week was rather calm and uneventful. Next week we are taking a winter/spring break- mostly for me to get caught up on some things.

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