34 Weeks of Clean: Behind Once More or How I Deep Cleaned the Bathroom and Don't Have a Family Room

Okay, I’m here confessing again that I fell behind on my 34 Weeks of Clean. I never made it through the bathrooms from Week 11. But, I lucked out because Week 12 has been Family Rooms, and we don’t have one. Actually, that’s not true. Pretty much every room in our house is the “family room” but the fact remains that we don’t have a separate living room and family room. Now if I were very diligent, I probably would’ve called what we use as our schoolroom the family room and cleaned in there. But the schoolroom only gets deep cleaned and purged when we have an extended break. So I usually do that twice a year- May and December. I’m hoping I can combine that with something else later in our 34 weeks.

So for this week, I deep cleaned the bathrooms. And, I must add a disclaimer and confession here. Although I’d love to tell you that I made some kind of great homemade cleaner and concoctions using essential oils and nothing chemical or artificial, I’d be lying. I cleaned my bathroom with some good, old-fashioned, heavy duty chemicals. I had to turn on the fan and open the window, so I wouldn’t die. And I didn’t dare let my asthmatic child enter. (I also almost got electrocuted-which is another story.) But, my bathrooms are clean, my friend. Oh yes. I also have to add that my phone died mid bathrooms. So I don’t have many after pictures. But, maybe you can take my word for it. Here goes.

So, we have two bathrooms. We have a hall bath that all four kids share. And we have a bath in our master bedroom. Both bathrooms are pretty old, and, quite honestly, in need of a total redo. But that isn’t in the budget right now. So we make do. I do try to keep things cleaned up and cleaned out. But an old bathroom has issues.

One of the main problems in my hall bath is mildew. It gets on the wall above the shower and on the wall about the sink. I hate wallpaper and would like to pull it down and paint. But I promised my husband early in our marriage that I would try really hard not to make him mess with that. And I tried it once with pretty disastrous results. So, there you go. I’ve tried several natural home remedies for the mildew to no avail. But, when I knew I was going to be deep cleaning the bathroom, I looked around for something in the cleaner aisle. And I found a mildew fighter from Kaboom. I also found a foaming bathroom cleaner. I’ve heard pretty good things about Kaboom, so I decided to give it a whirl.

It was amazing. The mildew came off with the mildew cleaner, and the other cleaner did a great job on the inside of the tub and sink. The temporary difficulty that I had breathing was a small price to pay.

I also had a little run in when I was cleaning over the sink. See we have this strip of lights- not pictured- above the sink. And I had the great idea to spray it with the mildew remover because there were some spots of mildew. I didn’t have a problem until I went to wash it off with a wet rag. Apparently when you hit the base of a light bulb with a wet rag, you get a shock. Who knew?! Actually, Jason knew because he seemed quite surprised that I would have done that. Oh well, it was only a small shock.

One of the big problem areas in this bathroom is this set of shelves. I have no sink cabinet in this bathroom. So I use these two sets of shelves. Each child has a shelf, and there are a few extra shelves. Unfortunately they get rather jumbled up. And that shelf on the bottom has bath toys that may or may not have been around since my oldest-15-played with them. I didn’t clean each child’s individual things. But I did clean out all of the bath toys and odds and ends that have collected there. I filled up a whole trash bag (and of course couldn’t take after pictures when the phone died.)

My bathroom also had a few jumbled areas, including under the sink and this collect all basket that sits on my sink.

The cleaning in my bathroom consisted mostly of the regular deep cleaning and in tossing some of the things that just seem to collect. My confession here is that I found a basket under my sink of all the baby care items that I always kept together- baby nail clippers, an ear thermometer, baby powder, etc. The bad thing is…my youngest child is 9 1/2. Guess I needed to clean out under there!

So, despite my chemical ingestion and my almost getting electrocuted, the bathroom clean up was a rousing success. And then I had this conversation with my youngest child at the end of the week.

The younger girls were going to use my phone to make a video, but it said storage was full. So I was going through and deleting some pictures. I had all these bathroom pictures on the phone, and Rachel saw them as I was scrolling through.
Rachel: Why do you have those pictures of the bathroom?
Me: This week’s 34 weeks of clean job was bathrooms.
Rachel: Oh, so that’s why you cleaned the bathroom yesterday.

Believe it or not, I really do clean my bathroom on a regular basis- not just for blog posts.

This next week of 34 Weeks of Clean has me scared. We’re cleaning out scrapbooks and photos. Oh my. You can join in- there are prizes involved now!- at Family, Faith, and Fridays.

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