34 Weeks of Clean: The Easy Entryway Clean Up

So, if you notice, I skipped last week’s 34 Weeks of Clean chore. It was to clean out your books. Now I have over 1500 books. I know this because a few summers ago I organized our books and recorded each one in Library Thing, an online book organizer. I assigned each one to a specific shelf in the hopes that when I needed one for school, I could look it up and know what shelf it was on. It has worked- sort of. Over time, I’ve gotten sloppy about what shelf I’ve put things on. And I haven’t added new books in quite a while. So reading about cleaning out books has inspired me, and I’m going to reorganize this summer. But it is definitely more than a week’s job. And it involves spreading books out everywhere- which is easier when we are on a homeschool break. So I didn’t clean out my books this past week. (I did get rid of some books from my living room shelves when I cleaned the living room. Can that count?)

This week’s chore was the entry way. I get off easy here because I don’t have an entry way really. For our front door, we do have a little hallway of sorts, but that is actually where most of my bookshelves are. So, there wasn’t anything to clean out there.

My other door enters directly into the living room. So when I cleaned the living room, I covered that area. I have a cabinet there that holds shoes and inside holds gloves, mittens, scarfs, and athletic wear. When I cleaned the living room I cleaned out our shoes and gave away some that were too small or that no one wore. But I didn’t clean out the inside of the cabinet. I was hoping I could get away with that. I couldn’t get by so easy, however. For this week’s entry way assignment, I dumped the cabinet and cleaned it out,

It’s amazing how many single gloves and mittens one family can have! I pulled out all the singles, matched up all the rest, and organized what went on each shelf. There were a few too little gloves and hats that I put in the Goodwill pile. I have to admit that the cleaned out cabinet looks lots better. And it should be much easier when someone needs to get something out of it.

This coming week is bathrooms. We only have two, but I can imagine this isn’t going to be a week I can get by easily! It’s not too late to dive in to the 34 Weeks of Clean at Family, Faith, and Fridays. There are some fun things coming up…like prizes. So check it out and get some cleaning and organizing done.

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