5 on the 5th: March 2015- Sharing Some of My Favorite Posts From Around the Web

I’m linking up once again this month with Marcy from Ben and Me to share five of my recent favorite posts in this month’s 5 on the 5th edition. The idea is that you can visit all of these great posts- and others from the link up- to find some of the best posts out there this month. You can visit Marcy’s lead post here, and you can even link up your own 5 on the 5th post.

Now, on to some of my recent favorites. This month some of my favorites feature Dr. Suess biographies, discuss the book Parenting Is Heart Work, share why Pinterest perfect parties aren’t always the best, discuss if your homeschooled teen needs a job, and talk about Jesus flavored bubblegum.

In this post, Rebecca from Raventhreads is sharing some of her thoughts while reading the book Parenting Is Heart Work. This book is by the same authors who wrote Motivate Your Child which I reviewed a while back. I’ve learned so much from it, and, after reading Rebecca’s thoughts realize that I need to read this one as well!

Tara, at Embark on the Journey, shared some Dr. Suess biographies for kids to read alone or for you to read aloud. He’s one of my favorite authors, so I would love to read some of these with my kids.

I can very much relate to this post from All Our Days- Our Parties Aren’t Pinterest Perfect and Why It’s Fine With Me.

Because I have a teen who wants a job- badly- I was interested in this post from Heather at Blog, She Wrote – Should My Homeschooled Teen Get a Part Time Job? Read and find out Heather’s opinion and why.

And, the post I know you were dying to know more about- Thomas Umstattd Jr. has an excellent post about purity that looks at rules and behavior and grace and, ultimately, at Jesus. I love it! Kissing, Sex, and Jesus-Flavored Bubblegum

And those are some of my favorite posts from the last month. Which one was your favorite? You can join us in the link up here at Ben and Me.

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