This Week @ As We Walk Along the Road: School Catch Up, Art, and The Gymnastics State Meet

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This week I felt as if we were making up for lost time from our sickness last week. I doubled up on some work so that we could finish last week’s lessons and not be a week behind. It wasn’t really that hard to catch up, and we ended up the week right on track.

Ashlyne, and Rachel and I have begun working in the 2nd elementary ARTistic Pursuits book. We reviewed Book 1 last year and really enjoyed it. This one is even better for the girls because they are learning how to use color and how watercolor pencils work. All week they’ve begged to do art first thing everyday.

We are currently in Asia in our country and culture studies. This week we took time to play the geography game with Asia. They have trouble remembering all of the “an” countries- Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. But they’re catching on to the Asian countries.

One of the things I think is fun about homeschooling is how the big kids mysteriously show up when the younger ones are doing or reading something fun. I’m sure that Ashlyne and Rachel have made volcanoes before, but it was in our curriculum this week because we’ve been reading about mountains in our ecology study. Sure enough, as soon as we had our playdough mountain ready to erupt, Charles showed up.

A little baking soda and vinegar were at the ready. (And we added some orange and yellow food coloring for good measure.)

And…it’s an erupting volcano.

This weekend was Ashlyne’s last meet of the season- her state meet. She competed with Level 4 gymnasts from her age group from all over the state.

She’s come a long way this year. With a move to a new gym and very little practice time over last summer, she’s had some hurdles to overcome. But she has some great coaches, and she just has a great attitude all around. She’s happy to win. She’s disappointed when she doesn’t. But she doesn’t swing emotionally either way. She’s just matter of fact about it.

This actually turned out to be her best meet this season- rather fitting for state. She scored two 9s out of her four events (and the other two were high 8s).

One of her 9s was on bars, an event she’s struggled with all season.

 And this is a pretty blurry picture, but she came in fourth out of twelfth in her division in All Around. I thought that was pretty impressive for State.

I enjoy the gymnastics meets, but I am glad to have a break for now. And she can just practice and build strength and work on new skills.

This week we have Ashlyne’s birthday celebrations coming up and a few other odds and ends appointments. I’m hoping that we keep plugging along where we need to be because May is right around the corner, approaching quickly!

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