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This week held lots of promise with higher temperatures and more spring like weather. Unfortunately it also held a virus for three out of four kids. Fevers, congestion, coughing, headache, sore throat, and general puny feeling meant not much school got done this week. I did do some reading aloud. And the girls had time to work on a computer program we’re reviewing. Charles did school on the days he felt okay. Kathryne wasn’t sick but distracted. So the week was a wash for her for school as well.

The week started off with a gymnastics meet on Sunday. Ashlyne- who was thankfully well then- competed. Her vault has been very strong all year, and she finished with a first in vault again.

Jason’s birthday was Monday. I planned a cake and supper he would enjoy. But the virus hit Monday morning, starting with Charles and Rachel. Jason ended up spending his birthday night at urgent care having them checked for strep throat. The doctor concluded it was a virus, not strep.

We still had cake- although not quite as planned.

This is actually how we spent most of the week. Ashlyne started with fever on Wednesday. Blondie seemed to be the only family member who really liked this week. She got lots of love and attention while people were laying around, not doing school work.

When kids felt okay, we capitalized by fitting in some school work. Ashlyne and Rachel are enjoying Orphs of the Woodlands, a computer learning program that we’re reviewing.

Blondie got in on all the sick action. The girls- who took their own temperatures many (many, many, many) times a day kept trying to take the dogs. I informed them that under her arm was not the place to get a temperature, but they were pretty grossed out by the alternative.

Another review item proved to be a distraction for Ashlyne and Rachel. I had some glitter faces from Amazon Vine that they had fun with. I loved them because the glitter pressed on and didn’t make a mess. And they liked having some distraction from feeling bad.

Although the week was a wash as far as school goes, I did do a good bit of reading aloud. Ashlyne, Rachel, and I are finishing up the Amy Carmichael biography from YWAM. We’ve all enjoyed reading these missionary biographies as we discuss the countries and cultures they went to.

We did enjoy spring like weather this week- when we could get outdoors. And, although this weekend is rainy, the coming week promises to be warm and sunny. I’m thankful for homeschooling because we can be flexible on weeks that kids are sick. And we can always pick up where we left off on Monday and get things done in our own time.

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