Weather Fun With Book and Activity Ideas

I’m very excited to be a part of the Poppins Book Nook again this year. If you’ve never been a part of this free monthly book club with reading and activity suggestions for you and your kids, you can learn more here. This month’s theme is all about weather. And keep reading to find more great suggestions, free lapbook printables, and a giveaway.

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Weather tied in rather nicely with some of the science the younger girls- Ashlyne and Rachel- and I have been reading about this year. Our curriculum’s theme has been Ecology, so we’ve talked about weather in the different ecosystems and biomes of the world. I already owned a weather book that I really like, but I also checked out two from the library that we used this month.

See-Through Storms is the base book that we used for our reading. This is a great hardcover book. I think I picked it up at a homeschool convention one year. The information is on two-page spreads. There is some expository text and then great, large pictures. The “see-through” part comes because some pages have a transparent sheet in the middle with some part of the picture. When the transparency is on one side, you can see before the storm. Then you can flip the transparency and see after. I read this one aloud to the girls.

The next book I found at the library. It was a “for fun” book. It was Wild Weather: Science Adventures With Sonny the Origami Bird. It was a little below their grade level (4th and 5th), but it was a cute story of an origami bird who learns all about extreme weather from a duck who’s flying south for the winter. Even though it was a little too young for them, they enjoyed the cute story. And there really was lots of good information about weather packed into this little book!

After we had done a little weather reading, I pulled out Janice VanCleave’s Weather for some weather experiment fun. (I love the VanCleave science experiment books!)

There were lots of great experiments, and, unfortunately the one we tried didn’t work. The idea was to take duct tape into a really dark room and “snap” it quickly out from the roll. It is supposed to produce static electricity that you can see arc. But the day was very wet and muggy when we tried, and Jason said that it probably wouldn’t work for that reason. (Which provided a lesson in itself when we talked about humidity and static electricity, and the girls told me other times they’d seen and felt static electricity.)

Yes, we were in the bathroom. It’s the only room in our house that can be totally dark!

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