34 Weeks of Clean: Cleaning and Organzing the Craft Supplies

So, we’re heading into week 15 of the 34 Weeks of Clean challenge. I’m certainly enjoying having some cleaned out and spruced up areas. You can find out more and join the challenge at Family, Faith, and Fridays.

This past week was the week to clean out the craft supplies. Thankfully, I do this every so often just because our school room/dining room is very small, and our few craft supply places have to be purged or they just take over. I realized, however, that we were some places I hadn’t touched recently. And I ended up with two trash bags full of craft supply trash! Here’s a look at the process.

So we have three main places where craft supplies are kept. This is a main location. These drawers are labeled. But, over time, everything seems to run together. The top is only supposed to have some loose papers and two how to draw books, but it becomes a collection for everything else.

This wardrobe houses all kinds of miscellaneous supplies. Although I’m usually good at cleaning out and throwing away, I am notorious for keeping any little scrap of anything that we might be able to use for crafting.

At one time this cabinet was a drawer. But the front was broken, so we just use it as open storage.

This set of shelves is the last place. It’s in a corner in the schoolroom. The corner has Barbieville, the large Barbie set up of all of the Barbie houses and accessories belonging to the younger girls. The shelves that border Barbieville are for craft sets, puzzles, magnet sets, and that kind of thing.

I started with the Barbieville area. I think that one whole bag of trash came from here- used craft kits; puzzles with most of the pieces missing; magnet sets with missing pieces. Things fit much better and looked much neater after I was through.

I had a helper while I worked. Rachel is my organizer. She actually loves cleaning and sorting. She was perfect for working on the drawers. We got everything into the right drawer and made sure all of the labels were right.

We also cleaned out off the top of the drawers and made sure we put things into their proper places.

The wardrobe actually didn’t need much upkeep. I throw away things out of there pretty frequently. The open drawer does tend to be a collector of things. I threw away some things and straightened some things to neaten up the drawer.

 Having the craft supplies organized and cleaned out is a big help in keeping the schoolroom neat and usable. It’s amazing how freeing it is to throw things away and have things organized.

This week we’re headed into the master bedroom to clean. I’m a step ahead because we happened to have gotten a new bed not long ago so we did quite a bit of cleaning out as we rearranged furniture. It will be my first room with mini blinds, though, so I know I’m in for a challenge.

You can join the challenge at Family, Faith, and Fridays.

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