Bible in 90 Days: A New Session and Common Questions Answered

A few years ago, I first came upon the idea of reading through the Bible in 90 days on the Mom’s Toolbox website. I had seen an interest form for a 90 days group at my church, but I didn’t sign up; and I’m not sure anything ever came of it because I wasn’t aware of a group meeting. But when I came upon the Mom’s Toolbox post, I was interested. To be honest, I was kind of intrigued by the challenge because I love to read and thought that finishing the whole Bible in 90 days would be a challenge- even for me.

I signed up for the group that year. And I began reading. I quickly realized that I wouldn’t be able to just skip days and double up here and there. If I missed a day, the reading for the next day was waaaay more. I loved the fact that I was reading with a group and that I had that accountability. That session I finished my reading within the 90 days (there are two days as a grace period).

After that session, I read in another session in the latter part of the year. That time I was also blessed to be a mentor. I continued to read and mentor through several more sessions. Kathryne, my oldest has read through with me two times. Amy at Mom’s Toolbox took a break from hosting Bible in 90 Days for a year or so. I read once more on my own after that but then have taken time off and been reading a slower reading plan. This January, I attempted to do a 100 days reading, but I just didn’t keep up. And, after getting so far behind, I finally stopped. (By the way, I think there are times when stopping is perfectly okay. You can read my post here.)

And then I read that Amy was hosting Bible in 90 Days again! I am thrilled to be reading through again with her and to be a mentor. If you’ve ever thought of reading through the Bible in 90 days, it’s not to late to sign up with Amy now. She’s got lots of resources for reading in the opening post. And you’ll have encouragement and support from a mentor.

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I’ve posted several times about reading through the Bible in 90 Days and why I love it. In this post, the introduction to this session, I’m going to answer a few of the common questions I hear people ask when I talk about reading through the Bible in 90 Days.

Why do you want to try to read through the Bible that quickly?

I have found that reading through the Bible in such a short time period really helps me to get a good “big picture” idea of what is happening throughout the history that the Bible relates. The Bible actually is a history book. It’s the history of God’s chosen people and His plan for them and later for the whole world. When you read through a history book very slowly over the course of years, or when you only ever read parts of the history and not the whole thing, you can’t really understand what it’s all about. But when you read through the Bible like you would a good nonfiction, historical book, you can “get it.”

How can you read so much at once?

Make it a habit. It is lots of reading. I won’t sugar coat it. Day one today begins with sixteen chapters of Genesis. If you use the Bible in 90 Days Bible, there are a certain number of pages designated for each day. I like to use that specific Bible for my Kindle because if I don’t get through the day’s reading at one time I can pick it up throughout the day and do my reading, and it’s always in the right place. Having it on the Kindle also allows me to just have it everywhere I go. When I’m cooking dinner and doing some very routine task, I can have the Kindle in the other hand reading. When I’m sitting in the car waiting for a child to be through with an activity, I can pull out the Kindle and read. Once you get into a habit of doing this daily, it is much easier to keep up.

Can you really get anything out of Scripture when you are reading so much at a time?

This is NOT an in depth Bible study. You won’t have time to really meditate and study as you’re reading. It isn’t meant to be that. What I typically do it this: When I’m reading and have a thought or question I want to think about or look up, I write it down. I don’t stop to study it then. Later I’ll go back and look at that, and I’ll learn more. After I do a 90 day reading, I take a break from the intense reading, and I take time to go back and study things more in depth. The first time I read, I was really caught up in all the laws in the Old Testament and why they were there. So on my down time after the reading was over, I found a Bible study of Exodus and studied the law in more depth.

If you would like to read through the Bible in 90 days, stop by Mom’s Toolbox and register. I’d love to know if you are reading, so leave me a comment, and let me know. Each Monday I’ll be sharing where I am in the reading and some things that have spoken to me that week.

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