Book Talk and Activities for Poppy by Avi

I love to stumble upon a great children’s book that I’ve never even heard of and have it become one of our favorites. I came upon this book when I was reviewing resources from Moving Beyond the Page.

The younger girls and I used a unit study for Poppy during the review, and we loved the book. There are several other books in the series by Avi, and we picked up Poppy’s Return to read earlier this year. You can use some of the ideas here when you read Poppy with your kids.

Poppy by Avi literature unit activities
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About the Author- Avi

Avi began writing in 1970, and he has written seventy books. That’s pretty amazing to think about. I became aware of him as an author when I was getting my master’s degree in reading education. I had a professor who had us read a variety of great children’s literature, and a few of the books we read were from Avi. He’s still writing and publishing books. There are several I’ve introduced to my kids.

About Poppy

The book Poppy is actually just one in the series of books about the little mouse named Poppy. Poppy has many adventures and many friends and relatives, all of which make for some humorous and sometimes touching stories. In Poppy, the little brown mouse named Poppy has to do something quite brave. She has to face Mr. Ocax, the owl, to find a way for her family to spread out to a new, roomier home where there is more food.
Poppy is a courageous little mouse and a great character that my girls loved. They’re both animal fans, so they loved that the main characters in the book were animals. There are also some good lessons in the story about facing your years and loyalty to the family.

Resources To Use When Reading Poppy

This was a fun book to read and use because of all of the animals. There were some fun animal themed crafts and activities that went along with it. Here are some ideas that you could add to a reading of Poppy.
Paper plate animals– This site shows a cute paper plate owl (to be Mr. Ocax). We also made a paper plate porcupine to be Poppy’s friend Ereth.
Animal Spot site with deer mouse information– Poppy is a deer mouse, and this site has some great information about deer mice along with some cute pictures.
Avi’s site- You can learn more about Avi here and read some background information about Poppy.
7 Prickly Facts About Porcupines– My girls particularly loved the character of Ereth, the porcupine. This post has some information and pictures of porcupines.
Poppy Lesson Plan- This is a lesson plan from an education student. It has some really good ideas of activities to use with the book (and it’s free!).
PDF of book synopsis and discussion points– This is a PDF file of a synopsis of all the books in the series, an overview look at some of the themes in the stories, and some discussion questions to use with the books.
Kidwings owl pellet dissection– One of the coolest activities we did with the book was dissecting an owl pellet. If you have a real one to look at (or want to avoid the mess), this site has a virtual pellet dissection. There are also some other great bird and owl related activities on the site.
Porcupine facts, pictures, and videos- This site has some very cool pictures and videos about porcupines as well as information about them.
How to Draw It- This site has a page for how to draw mice and how to draw owls.
Map making crafts- We enjoyed some math activities with the book Poppy because Poppy has to journey from her known home, through the forest, to a dangerous new home, There’s a map in the front of the book, and we took time to look at it and follow where Poppy went. This site has a compass rose craft and make your own map craft.
Moving Beyond the Page unit study– Finally, if you want to purchase your own unit study, here is the one we used from Moving Beyond the Page (not an affiliate link). It’s $29.97 for the whole packet, and you can get extra student books. Or you can buy the download ($25.91) and print what you need for multiple kids.
Poppy by Avi Discussion guide
Have you read the book Poppy? I’d love to know if you have any other ideas for using it.
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