Real Life Homeschooling: The Kids Speak

This is the third post in a series of Real Life Homeschooling posts. You can find the introduction and links to all of the posts (as they are written) here.

In today’s Real Life Homeschool post, I’m bringing you the words of real life homeschoolers. If you’ve ever wondered what a homeschooled kid thinks, here it is. If you aren’t a homeschooler or don’t know any homeschoolers, you might envision poor, deprived children who wish they were free to be in the real world. So, is that the truth?

I asked my four children four questions about our homeschooling. My kids have never been to traditional school, but they do have friends who go to a regular school, and they all participate in extracurricular activities that involve kids who attend school. So they’ve been at least slightly exposed to the school culture. It’s always interesting to me to hear what they’re thinking about a topic, and we do lots of discussing at our house. So I was curious to hear just what they’d say in response to my questions.

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Question One: What is your favorite thing about homeschooling?

Rachel (age 9): Being home all day and getting to take lots of breaks

Ashlyne (age 11): We can take breaks whenever we want to. For example we took spring break in January.

Charles (age 14): The extremely flexible schedule and getting to start later in the morning

Kathryne (age 15): Being home with my dog.

Question Two: What is your least favorite thing about homeschooling?

Rachel (age 9): I have to be home with my brother all day. (The kids got pretty giddy when we were all doing these interview questions, and they were hamming it up big time.)

Ashlyne (age 11): We don’t get to have P.E.

Charles (age 14): The classmates are brutal. (jk he says) Curriculum buying time is stressful because it’s hard to pick what we want and need for next year.

Kathryne (age 15): The fact that my mom makes us do things like this interview

Question Three: Have you thought about what you want to do after school? And what is it?

Rachel (age 9): No, not really.

Ashlyne (age 11): Move in with my sister (Kathryne) and live in Kentucky, open a gym and teach gymnastics and have lots of animals

Charles (age 14): I’ve thought about it lots, but I haven’t decided anything conclusively.

Kathryne (age 15): Move in with my sister (Ashlyne) in Kentucky, be a research scientist and have lots of animals

Question Four: Is there anything you think you miss out on by homeschooling?

Rachel (age 9): No, but I think everyone else is missing out on all the fun things we do homeschooling.

Ashlyne (age 11): Maybe P.E.; No, nothing.

Charles (age 14): For a while I thought so because I had friends going to public school. But now that I’m in high school and looking back, I don’t think I’d like public school.

Kathryne (age 15): You can’t miss something you’ve never had. But in my brief experience (she attended a 1st grade class for 10 day while taking a standardized test with them when she was a 1st grader.) I really didn’t like it at all.

So there it is. You’ve heard from the kids what real life homeschooling means to them. I love that my kids are happy with homeschooling. That honestly hasn’t been the case all of the time. Last spring and this summer were difficult because we had quite a few friends who decided to send their kids to public school as they started high school. Charles, especially, felt as if he were being left behind. But we talked lots, and we listened lots. And when it all came down to it, he realized that his reasons for wanting to go were probably not good ones, and he agreed that homeschooling is the best option for him.

Tomorrow, you’ll get to hear from another member of our real life homeschooling family- the homeschool dad.

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