Real Life Homeschooling: A Real Day In Our Real Life Homeschool

This week I’ve been sharing about our Real Life Homeschool. I’ve shared about the good…and the bad. I’ve shared what the kids think and what Dad thinks about homeschooling. You can read the introduction post and find links to all of the week’s posts here.

In today’s post, I’m giving you a glimpse inside an ordinary (sort of) day in our lives. This is what homeschooling (sometimes) looks like for us. You’ll notice the “sort of” and “sometimes.” That’s because there is flexibility in what we do. We follow the same routines. But we also make adjustments as we need or want to. I’m sharing from this past Wednesday. It was a day we were home for most of the day, so it was easier to remember to take pictures (at least during the first part of the day).

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9:00am- For some reason Kathryne decreed Wednesday as our late get up day. Normally we are up between 8-8:30. But on Wednesday I sleep until 9 and then wake up Kathryne and anyone else who is still asleep.

Usually the younger girls are up and watching Netflix or playing Minecraft.

9:15am I head into the kitchen to get breakfast and tackle the dishes left over from last night.

I stop by the schoolroom as I’m opening all our shades, and I write the date on the date board.

If the kids are ready for school before I’m through with breakfast and checking email, they usually play something. This morning three were playing Just Dance.

9:45am-10am-Devotions. We gather in the living room, and I read devotions, and we pray.

10am-Ashlyne and Rachel start the morning with speed drills while I’m starting the laundry.

After devotions, Charles and Kathryne are headed to their own rooms to work. I still work with the younger crew on unit study together work. But the big kids are mostly on their own.

10:20am- Ashlyne, Rachel, and I do together work in the mornings. This includes Bible, history, spelling, art, reading, music, and science. My Father’s World is our main curriculum.

Because My Father’s World is largely literature based, I keep the books we need currently in this box on the desk.

11:30am Before lunch we were doing art from ARTistic Pursuits which we are reviewing (and love!). The idea was to draw a scene from a book you’ve read. I let them choose a made up scene as well. Rachel drew someone shooting a bunny and unicorn with arrows. I think I should be concerned?

12:30am- We break for lunch. (Yes, it’s frozen pizza.) We actually follow a meal rotation so that all the days of the week have a specific lunch time meal.

During lunch I usually read aloud. This week we finished reading A Wrinkle In Time. After I read, I go sit and eat separately and work on blog related things for about an hour.

Lots of puppy love goes on during breaks. And she seems to know just when Kathryne really needs to get back to school, and she chooses that time to flop down for petting.

After lunch I’m finishing up any subjects that I haven’t finished with the girls. This usually includes their literature unit. We’re currently using a unit study from Homeschool Legacy that I’m reviewing. It’s horse themed, so we’re reading King of the Wind.

When we are finished with the together work, the girls do math independently. They are using A+ Interactive Math Online right now (another great review item!).

2pm- After I’m all through with the girls, I head off to take a rest. We have church on Wednesday nights, and with fibromyalgia I’ve learned that I need to rest in the middle of the day if I have something in the evenings.

4pm- We are gathering things and getting ready to head out the door. We’ll eat supper at church and then the younger girls head to elementary choir, and Kathryne and Charles help with the 2s in preschool choir. We’re there until 7:30pm

8pm- We are home, and the getting ready for bed routines start. With four kids to shower, the process is sometimes slow.

9pm- The younger girls are supposed to be in their beds by this time, and I’m usually in my room by this time. Kathryne and I watch a Netflix show together three times a week while the guys watch another. I work on blog related things while we watch.

10pm- I’ll continue to work as the big kids finish getting ready and head to bed. I usually work until about midnight.

And that’s a look at our day. It isn’t perfect. I don’t have kids up and dressed and working efficiently by 6am each morning. We don’t keep a rigorous schedule. But we do learn, and we do have fun together. It’s our Real Life Homeschool.

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