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So, all our local schools were on spring break this week. But not us. We actually took a “spring break” back in February when I just needed a week to gather myself and accomplish something. And we had a week of sick kids a few weeks ago, and not too much was accomplished then. So we kept busily plugging away. It was kind of nice that all the extracurricular stuff was on hold for the week. We spent lots more time at home, and we actually got lots done. I’ve been fighting a nasty cold for the last few days, so it’s been nice to not have to be on the go as much.

We started our week with Ashlyne’s birthday. It’s hard to believe she’s 11! I have another preteen. I made birthday muffins for breakfast. Out tradition is that we have muffins on the morning of any birthday, and the birthday child gets a candle to blow out.

Rachel and Ashlyne and I are in Japan this week. For one of our activities, the curriculum has an origami book. We’ve had lots of fun with it this week figuring out how to make some of the characters and shapes.

The younger girls and I all got hair cuts this week. Ashlyne only let them clip the very ends to shape it up. She’s letting hers grow out, and it’s very long. Rachel wanted bangs. I do think she looks very cute with them. It makes her look older.

And, of course, I must throw in the cute, cuddly puppy moment. This 70 pound dog loves to sit in my lap. I don’t complain.

Ashlyne, Rachel, and I have also been reading about oceans this week. We did a water experiment to show that cold water is more dense than warm water and will sink to the bottom of warm water. This is why the very deep ocean is very cold.

The younger girls are still enjoying painting with ARTistic Pursuits. I can’t wait for this review! This week they were paint their favorite thing while looking at it, while practicing using sharp and soft edges.

Rachel chose to paint her toy horse (that goes with a baby doll set).

And I was Ashlyne’s favorite thing. I think she did a really good job. And I don’t even mind being called a thing.

One of the reasons I love spring is because we start ordering homeschool curricula for next year. We got most of it in this week. I love the boxes arriving and the smell of new books. Ahh.

It’s hard to believe that we are so close to the end of the school year. The girls and I have almost covered every continent in our geography curriculum. We played the geography game with five continent boards this week!

Today (Friday) the girls were gone. We worked ahead on school yesterday, and they spent the night with their grandmother. Kathryne and Charles still had school work. But I had a pretty leisurely day (good because this yucky cold makes me feel just blah!). Because of the weird day, it’s felt like a Saturday all day. I guess it’s good to get an extra Saturday on Easter weekend.

Tomorrow we’ll be egg hunting and dyeing eggs. We’ll probably get out our Resurrection Eggs too. It’s tradition.

Next week is shaping up to be pretty normal (I think.) as we move closer and closer to the end of this year’s school work.

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