This Week @ As We Walk Along the Road: Springtime and Wrapping Up

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After lots of rain and clouds lately, we actually had some beautiful spring like weather here. It was just in time for our local spring festival- Come See Me. We were able to get out and about a few times. We’re also well on our way to finishing our regular school schedule, with about five weeks left!

Charles has discovered a new favorite place- Joe’s Video Games is a store in our historic downtown with lots of restored, older stores. Joe’s carries old arcade games that have been refurbished. They also sell older game systems and games. The kids love it because there are several working arcade games that you can just go in and play for free. With the nice weather, we’ve found ourselves walking downtown often, and Joe’s is a frequent stop.

With the arrival of spring, football practice is in full swing. Charles is going to play again, and Kathryne is going to cheer. I’m thankful we have this Palmetto Football League team to provide an opportunity for them to play in a godly- but highly competitive- environment.

Ashlyne, Rachel, and I only have one more continent to study! We’ve been finishing up Asia this week. Blondie was happy to get in on the geography game this week.

As part of the Come See Me festival, there is a yearly coloring contest for all ages. We’ve had kids win many years. Charles has never won, however. (Often he doesn’t enter, as coloring isn’t really his thing.) This year Charles and Kathryne both won in their different age groups. The awards involve a ceremony for family and friends and pictures with Glen the Frog- the festival mascot.

In our Fun Friday co-op, the younger girls have an edible art class. Yesterday they made some cute faces with fruit and veggies.

As we near summer, all of our activities are beginning to wind down. This coming week will include the wrap up of worship dance as well as our Wednesday night church activities. I enjoy the slower pace of the summer- although as football kicks into gear, things get busier.
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