Exploring Horses With Homeschool Legacy (A Schoolhouse Crew Review)

Although I don’t truly do a delighted directed homeschooling approach, I do like to follow things that the kids are interested in and give them opportunities to enjoy learning. But sometimes I feel torn when I choose an interest based unit study because I feel as if we are neglecting our “real” school. That’s why I’ve been so excited to find and use several Once a Week Unit Studies from Homeschool Legacy. I’ve reviewed several of their studies- most recently one of their brand new Micro Studies. And I was very excited to receive for review the download of their Horsing Around study.

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For a Schoolhouse Crew review, we received the PDF download of Horsing Around, called a Grab-N-Go. This is a digital once a week unit study for grades 2-12. The digital version is $14 on the site. With the digital version, you can print as needed for your family. (There is also a physical version available.) I used it with my younger girls- grades 4 and 5. We’ve actually had a horse theme going on around here with some other Crew reviews as well as some books the girls have been interested in. So I thought a horse related study was a good choice.

There are several unique things about the unit studies from Homeschool Legacy that make them great for me.
They are completely ready to use. There is no prep work required. There are links to websites needed, a suggested book and movie list, teaching instructions, and any printables needed.

  •  Other than a family read aloud that is done more frequently, the studies are meant to be used once a week. That way you can be doing other school work the other four days of the week, and you can enjoy an interest based unit study as well.
  • The studies are written from a distinctly Christian worldview.
  • Their unit studies are specifically designed to meet some boy scouting and American Heritage Girls badge requirements. The badges covered in each unit are clear to see. So if you’re involved in scouting, you can easily pick studies that you need. We don’t do either of these groups, but, because we have friends who do, I realized how nice this feature was.
We used the Horsing Around study- which is a four week study- once a week- usually on Wednesday. At the beginning of the study, I read through all of the suggested books, movies, and field trip type activities. Then each week, earlier in the week, I would look at what was coming up in that week’s lesson so I could see what I needed to prepare. (If you are using the study with boy scouts or American Heritage Girls, there is a great checklist at the beginning of the unit that allows you to check off requirements met throughout the study.) I requested many of the book suggestions from our library, and I put them in our book basket during the four weeks of the unit study. There were two read aloud suggested. We only made it through one, although we read throughout and not just on the designated unit study days. We actually really enjoyed the read aloud. It was a new to me book- King of the Wind by Marguerite Henry. We always have other read alouds going on. I think if we had only used the real alouds from the study, we could have finished both. (The other was Black Beauty.)
The four weeks of the unit study cover four different areas related to horses- Breeds and Characteristics; Horse and Tack Care; Equestrian Events and Cowboy Time! Each lesson has a devotional and then a variety of activities to do on your once a week unit study day. The activities are varied and cover different curriculum areas. I didn’t choose to do every single activity for the day. Some were more involved than others. I tried to use a good variety and pick some things that the girls would be interested in and would be something new or challenging for us.

Here are a few of the activities we’ve enjoyed over the past few weeks:
  • We used the girls new love of art and water colors and painted horses.
  • We looked at all of the parts of a horse.
  • We read poems about horses and talked about the poets who wrote them.
  • We listened to the William Tell Overture and looked at clips from the old black and white Lone Ranger shows.
  • We looked at the art of Frederic Remington who painted horses. 
  • The girls planned and performed a cowboy skit with the big kids.
One of the things I’ve wanted to do was to take a field trip to a local stable. I’ve had a little trouble getting in touch with one I’ve found, but I’m going to follow up because I think it would be very fun.
I’ve really liked this unit study. I’ve been pleased with all of the Homeschool Legacy units I’ve seen, and this was another fun one. I like that the girls can have time to study things that are of interest without sacrificing “regular school work.” I love the convenience of having the study laid out for me. And I really like being able to get it as a download to print and use for multiple children as a whole family study. (This also makes things nice when I want to pick a subject on the fly and access it right away.)

The Facts:
Ages– Grades 2-12
Price– $14 for a digital download (other options available)
Connect with Homeschool Legacy-

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