Great Read Alouds for Horse Lovers

I love it when books we read aloud and things that we study can be related to interests my kids have. Lately I've had several great review items that let us explore an interest of my younger girls- horses. In the process, we've come across some great read aloud books for horse lovers. I'm going to share some of those in today's Read Aloud Wednesday. And then please link up your read aloud posts below. I love seeing what you're reading and what book related activities you've been up to.

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We've had the privilege of reviewing several horse related products lately. Just recently I posted here about using the Horsing Around unit study from Homeschool Legacy. And a couple of months ago, I posted about a Susan K. Marlow book- Thick as Thieves- that we had the opportunity to read. Susan's books are about Andi Carter, a girl growing up on a ranch in the early 1900s. She loves horses, so they feature prominently in her stories. We're also looking forward to another Susan K. Marlow book coming up for review. In all of this horse study, we've come across some fun horse related read alouds. Here are a few.

Thick as Thieves- This is the first Susan K. Marlow book in the Andi Carter series that we reviewed. Andi loves horses, and she would much prefer to be around them than to be learning how to be a lady.

King of the Wind by Marguerite Henry- We read this book as part of the Horsing Around study. I loved this classic tale of the Arabian horse who sired the Godolphin Arabian horse line. It made for an excellent read aloud with great descriptions and a compelling story line.

The Girl Who Loved Wild Horse by Paul Goble- This is a picture book, although a little longer one. It has a beautiful story and beautiful illustrations, making it an excellent read aloud.

Justin Morgan Had a Horse by Marguerite Henry- This is another great Marguerite Henry read about the history of another horse breed- the Morgan horse. (By the way, there are many of her books about different horse breeds- all of which are good!)

My Friend, Flicka by Mary O'Hara- This is a classic tale of a boy and the horse he hopes to train. It's actually the first in a trilogy but is the most well-known.

Barbaro: America's Horse by Shelley Fraser Mickle- This is a true story of a famous American racehorse. Even nonfiction books can make great read alouds!

Riding the Pony Express by Clyde Robert Bulla- This is a short chapter book with a fictional story based on the real life adventures of the Pony Express.

Do you have horse lovers in your house? Let me know if you've found any great horse themed read alouds.


  1. We don't have any horse lovers in our house, but I'll definitely keep these books in mind should we get to that point!

    1. My oldest daughter was the biggest horse fan for a while. The younger girls like horses and like reading about them, but they aren't quite as consumed. :-)

  2. I haven't read most of these. Adding to our wishlist now! We love books about horses! Thanks!

  3. Check out the author Ellen Feld she has about 6 or 7 books on horses. We know her from horse shows with our own horses.

    1. Oh, I hadn't heard of her, but those look good, Meagan!


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