Learning About John Wesley With Fishflix.com (A Schoolhouse Crew Review)

All year this year the younger girls and I have been reading about missionaries and Christian leaders from different countries as we studied geography. It coincided very well that as we finished up our year’s study we had the opportunity to review Torchlighters: The John Wesley Story as part of a Schoolhouse Crew review.

We received the DVD from FishFlix.com. FishFlix.com is an online Christian and family movies shop. They have a wide variety of Christian films, biographies, family and kids movies, documentaries, and educational films. The Torchlighters DVD- The John Wesley Story- includes a 30 minute story of John Wesley’s life, especially suited for 8-12 year olds, a printable study guide and teacher’s manual, and an hour long documentary of John Wesley’s life, more appropriate for older children or adults. I chose this DVD for Ashlyne and Rachel- ages 9 and 11. But I also found that I really enjoyed the longer documentary on the DVD.

I began by giving the girls a little bit of an overview of John Wesley who, along with his brother, Charles, was the founder of the Methodist movement. We then watched the video together. I’ve seen several different Torchlighters movies. They have a wide variety or movies about Christian missionaries and/or martyrs. So I knew what to expect, and I really like the way that these videos present the life of the featured person.

The videos are animated. It is an older style of animation (compared to modern kids’ movies), so the girls thought that was interesting. The stories are very well done. There is enough detail to really share the character’s life and experiences, but it isn’t so long and drawn out as to be too long for the targeted age of kids. I think that the stories do a good job of telling the ups and downs of the character’s life. When the girls saw how John Wesley came to faith, after years of thinking he was saved because of his good works, and they saw his failures when he first attempted to share God with others, they realized that he was just a man; but God used him in a mighty way. It’s very encouraging when we think about how God can use us.

There is a nice study guide and teacher’s answer key included on the disk. I looked through the study guide and chose a few activities for the girls. There are questions to ask for discussing the video. There are also some printable puzzles, an idea for a service project, and a fun art project- designing your own coat of arms. I gave the girls a fill in the verses word search, a coloring page, and the coat of arms activity to do.

In the extras on the DVD, there is also a longer, “adult version”, documentary of John Wesley’s life. I have to say that I’m a big fan of documentaries- especially biographical ones. I really enjoyed this one. This version had more about Suzanna Wesley, the mother of John and Charles. She was pretty inspiring as well, mother of 19 children (10 surviving through babyhood), homeschooler, and a good spiritual example for her children.

Torchlighters: The John Wesley Story was a good addition to our look at missionaries and Christian leaders. It’s a story that elementary aged children will enjoy, and the added study guide and bonus documentary really make this a resource that can be used for the whole family. You can find this and a host of other great film resources at FishFlix.com.

Company- FishFlix.com
Product- Torchlighters: The John Wesley Story
Age recommendation- 8-12
Price- $9.99 (on the site)
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