Review of Moses and the Exodus From Grapevine Bible Studies

A few years ago, when my oldest children were upper elementary aged, I came upon Grapevine Studies. Their methods of teaching kids the Bible were unique and fun, and I used one of the New Testament books with them that year. Since then we’ve usually had a Bible curriculum covered with our overall curriculum, so I haven’t had the opportunity to use Grapevine again, but I recently took a look at the new things they have to offer, and I had the opportunity to review a new study- Moses and the Exodus.

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The Grapevine studies are unique. As you go through the lessons, the students draw stick figures representing parts of the story in their student book. This creates a notebook style resource for them to look back over to remember the lessons they have learned. The object isn’t to draw the best stick figures. This isn’t an art course. Instead the stick figure drawings provide a way for instruction to happen in the three basic learning styles. Students hear the lesson (auditory). They draw it out (kinesthetic or hands on). And then they have a picture of what they learned (visual).

I love the fact that the Grapevine studies are also chronological. There is always a timeline of the events that the study is going to cover at the beginning so that you can refer to it as you move through the lessons in a chronological way. I’m a huge fan of timelines, and I like that the Bible is presented as history when it’s taught this way.

Moses and the Exodus is the newest study from Grapevine Studies. This study covers the time period from the Israelites in the land of Goshen, through the period of slavery, through the plagues and the Exodus, and through crossing the Red Sea. The timeline at the beginning of the book has places to illustrate Moses’ birth through the Red Sea crossing. There are 13 weekly lessons or 46 daily lessons in the study. This includes the timeline, a mid review, and a final review.

Each lesson has a set of boxes. With the teacher’s guidance, students will draw the events in the boxes as they read the verses in each box.

At the end of each daily lesson, there is also a page for the students to draw something that stood out for them in the lesson. This is a good way to teach children to apply what they are learning.

There are two versions of the Moses and the Exodus student book- a traceable book for younger students or a blank book for ages 7 and up. We received the older student book because I’m using it for my younger girls who are 9 and 11. I love that the studies are family friendly. They are multi-aged studies. When I did the New Testament with my kids a few years ago, I enjoyed it as much as they did and found myself learning right along with them. The method is simple enough for younger students to do it successfully but interesting and thoughtful enough for older students to learn something.

The books are also family friendly because they are cost effective. I received the ebook version of Moses and the Exodus. This book can be reproduced for use within the family. That way I can use it with multiple children without buying physical student books for all. I am going to have it printed at a low cost online printing service and put it in a three ring binder for each girl. The teacher book also comes as a physical book or an ebook and is more cost effective that way.

The teacher’s book for the study contains everything you need to know about setting up your Bible time as well as full lesson plans for each day. There are detailed instructions for how to draw each segment for the time line and then detailed instructions for how to draw each part of each day’s lesson.

Throughout each lesson, the family digs directly into Scripture with the readings and a memory verse. There are also vocabulary words to define as you are discussing the lesson together.

I really enjoy the resources from Grapevine Studies. Moses and the Exodus would be a great accompaniment to an Old Testament study (and they have other Old Testament specific studies as well!). It’s a different type of Bible study that teaches us the Bible as historical truth in a chronological fashion, using methods that work with every learning style. It’s a good fit for our family.

You can purchase Moses and the Exodus at Grapevine Studies in a variety of formats:
Printed student book or printed traceable book-$11.60
Family license ebook or traceable ebook- $9.20
Class license ebook  or traceable ebook (would be great for a co-op!)- $34.80
Teacher’s book-$20
Teacher’s ebook-$18

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this curriculum from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are entirely my own, and I was not compensated in any other way.

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