Review of To The Sea: A Book of Praise From Graham Blanchard

Last year I had the opportunity to review some resources from a new to me children’s publishing company- Graham Blanchard.  The goal of Graham Blanchard is to give Christian parents resources to teach their very young children about God. I recently received To the Sea, another delightful board book that uses a day at the beach to teach young children about God’s creation.

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The Graham Blanchard books are divided up into three categories. Learn books share Bible Scripture with accompanying illustrations. Absorb books help young children connect facts they learn about God with their inner life. And Praise books share things that children see on a daily basis that can relate to them the wonders of God. To the Sea is a Praise book written by Callie Grant and illustrated by Jeremy Tugeau.

The book is a board book and is mainly intended for ages 0-5. There is a simple rhyme on each two page spread, as well as nice illustrations. The book follows a little boy through his day at the seaside. He watches waves and catches a glimpse of seagulls. He digs in the sand and tries to catch fish in a net.All of the things he experiences are things that young children would likely see on a trip to the beach. At the end of the boy’s day, he reflects on the things he’s seen and God’s good gifts through the sea.

One of my favorite things about Graham Blanchard is that the company doesn’t just publish books. They also offer support for parents in the form of Mom mentors, a prayer wall, and teaching tips- in general and for every book. This means that parents can use these books to truly be a tool in teaching their children about God.

You can find To the Sea on the Graham Blanchard site. You can peek inside the book as well as download a teaching tips sheet to use with it.

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