This Week @ As We Walk Along the Road: A Field Trip to Discovery Place Science Museum

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This week was a fun one- although the fun made me feel as if I were chasing my tail trying to catch up for most of the week. We had a trip to our local science museum on Tuesday, praise dancing at my mom and dad’s Bible study group on Wednesday evening, more praise dance with a recital on Thursday, and a date day with my love on Friday. Whew!

We are blessed to live near a pretty large science museum- Discovery Place. We typically alternate a membership between Discovery Place and a small local nature museum. This year has been the nature museum membership, but when my mom saw the advertisement for the current exhibit at Discovery Place, she wanted to take us so that the kids could see it. The exhibit is Illusions- all about how your mind perceives what’s real and what’s not.

There is a very cool rainforest exhibit that is around all the time. I love the beautiful plants and the cool animals. Everyone- even my mom- walked in over the rope bridge.

This Illusion exhibit had all kinds of things to see that showed how our mind takes in the information from our senses and deciphers it.

There is no image here. It’s a display of fiber optic cords with different parts lighted up in each cord to form the figure.

I really like the small 3D theater. The movies are free with admission and are only thirty minutes. I can’t watch a full 3D movie because I get a headache, but these shorter ones don’t bother me. Most of the kids don’t share my enthusiasm, so they headed upstairs with my mom. But Rachel was my movie buddy, and we saw a part of the movie- Fly Me to the Moon.

Rachel also loves the touch pool where she touched a horseshoe crab, a sea urchin, and a sea cucumber. It was pretty cool because the younger girls and I have been reading about coral reefs, and this gave her an experience to see some of the animals we’ve read about close up.

Charles’ favorite activity in the whole museum is building with the Kapla blocks. If you’ve never seen them, they are just flat, rectangular blocks. But because of their simplicity, they fit together perfectly and can be used to build some amazing things. Charles built this multi storied tower.

We have some favorite exhibits that are visited every time we go, like this air current demonstration.

It’s always fun to pet an exotic animal. This guy comes out several times a day with an animal, and he tells the kids all about it and lets them gently touch it. Ashlyne was a little creeped out, but she did pet the iguana.

Kathryne was thrilled because one of the specialty classrooms had a human body theme going on right now. She’s very in to biology and wants to be a research scientist. So being able to look at an actual heart and lung and a model of the inside of the hand was very cool to her.

The girls loved this critter- a fancy rat. I wouldn’t want one, but I did have to admit that he had a cute face.

On Wednesday, Rachel and Kathryne danced with their praise dance group for my mom and dad’s Bible study. The girls did a great job, and all of the Bible study members said they were a real blessing.

On Thursday they did their dances as a recital of sorts for the parents and grandparents. They only have four girls, representing two families, so it’s pretty small. Rachel was not feeling well and didn’t get to dance. But I was glad she had danced Wednesday, and next week the girls are supposed to dance at our church’s retirement center. So she’ll have another opportunity then.

Kathryne, especially, has found her niche in praise dancing. She does it very beautifully. Her sign art flows. And she can keep up with all of the choreography. It’s a blessing that she can worship and lead others to worship through dance.

Today (Saturday) was finally a breather for me. The older kids went to the football combine with Jason as we kick off summer football practice. The younger girls enjoyed our wonderful warm but not too hot, sunny weather. And I caught up on some work- both blog and house related.

In the next few weeks our spring schedules will be winding down, and summer schedules will be headed our way. Every year it seems to happen more quickly!

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