This Week@ As We Walk Along the Road: Hard Work, Fun Times, and Summer's Start

This week was a week that we look forward to all year- Kidshine drama camp. Our local homeschoolers have had the privilege of being the training camp for the Kidshine counselors each year. Kidshine is a ministry that sends teams all over the country each summer to host week long Christian drama camps at churches. There are new counselors almost every year, so we are their guinea pigs. They practice all they’ve been learning on our group. We put on an awesome performance on Friday night. And many of the kids come back year after year, so they look forward to it all year long. Kids can go through their 8th grade year. So Kathryne and Charles are both too old now- Charles’s last year was last year.

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For the past five years I’ve been the homeschool coordinator- responsible for finding a church and lining up equipment and volunteers for the week of camp. For the past three years we’ve been at Westminster- our church and the church where Jason works as a facilities supervisor. Because he’s there and we know where things are, it’s been a pretty easy thing to do. This year Westminster had a change in graduation that bumped us, so it was difficult to find a new church. After prayer and searching we did. And it worked out well, but it was a little more stressful and different for me. Charles went with me every day and was a really big help. He and Kathryne both came on Friday, and they helped me with end of the week cleaning up.

Despite the work and the loooong week of getting up earlier than we’re used to, I love being up at the church every day to hear the kids practice as they learn more about God and they praise him with music, dance, and drama. It’s an awesome week. And, every so often as I sit and work as I’m hanging out, I just have a moment of worship when I hear the songs. That’s what makes the long week worth it.

Every morning, Kidshine begins with some opening comments and announcements. Susan and Jan- the ladies who lead the program and train the new counselors every year- are amazing. They have such a heart for worshiping God and loving kids that they are just contagious!

Tuesday evening, the older kids had a library program- Teen Iron Chef. The library provided a “pantry” of ingredients and a mystery ingredient for each round- appetizer, entree, and dessert.

We had a rocky start because Charles violently hates pickles- which turned out to be the secret ingredient! (He was also pretty tired because of two early mornings and two long days of Kidshine, so that made him a little cranky.)

Kathryne, on the other hand loves pickles, and came up with this beautiful pickle sunflower.

Charles finally got into it with the dessert round where his story was that an iceberg broke up, causing poor polar animals to drown in a chocolate sea. Neither of them won one of the final three awards, but they did have fun.

Every kid in Kidshine gets one or two parts to do in the end of the week program. Rachel had a puppet part and a few instrument parts this year. Ashlyne had a dance and a kazoo song.

I have a little advantage because I can see parts of the program throughout the week.

We love Ms Susan and Ms Jan, and a picture with them is always a highlight of the performance.

Over the next two weeks, we are taking somewhat of a break. I do have a few reviews going on that are going to continue, but we won’t have a regular school schedule. In mid-June our summer is going to take off with camps, camp counselors, cheer, football, VBS, and a beach trip. I’m looking forward to the fun but also to a couple of slow weeks and some time to organize the past school year and put the house in order.

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