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 I finished up our regular curriculum with Ashlyne and Rachel this week. We are headed to homeschool drama camp next week, and I was glad to be finishing up in time for that. Kathryne and Charles have about two weeks of regular curriculum left. I think they’ll need the distraction because they are too old for camp now.

This has been a hard week for me physically. Pain- both fibro pain and migraine pain have been ever present. I’m very thankful for the prayers of my friends from the TOS Crew. The middle of my week picked up, I’m sure due in large parts to their faithful prayer. I know camp’s arrival next week is a little to blame for the flare. I coordinate our camp, and as much as I love doing it, the busyness and stress don’t always work out well for me physically. Despite this struggle, we ended up having several great days. And there were some very pleasant moments enjoying the end of the school year and the beautiful weather we’ve had.

My week started with some sweetness in the form of breakfast in bed as a late Mother’s Day treat. Charles goes with Jason early on Sunday morning and couldn’t oversee a breakfast plan. So he helped the girls bring breakfast for me Monday morning.

As Ashlyne and I finished up Antarctica in our geography study this week, we looked at glaciers and icebergs. We froze water in a ziploc bag standing upright in the freezer. Then we put our “glaciers” into water to float to see how icebergs float with a large part of their mass below water.

On Tuesday, Ashlyne really wanted to bake after lunch. To my “but we have some school work to finish” she gave a wonderful homeschool answer: “But, Mom, cooking is learning. I do math and reading and…” And, so of course I relented, and Ashlyne baked cookies.

Ashlyne, Rachel and I also finished up our poetry study and lapbook this week. The girls wrote a few poems of different types as we talked about some of the types of poetry. And we looked at some well-known poets.

Instead of a cute puppy picture this week, I’m bringing you a cute kitty picture. Our kitty, Gracie, has been around for about six years now, and, as she’s an outdoor cat, we know she’s getting pretty old. She’s such a sweet kitty, and she always does a great job providing us with mice and birds.

On Wednesday, we had an impromptu trip to our downtown. We were going to go strawberry picking, as the season is quickly drawing to a close. But I happened to call and discover the fields had been picked clean the day before! As we were all ready to go somewhere, we headed downtown.

We spent a little time in the children’s museum. It’s so nice to me that my girls don’t consider themselves “too old” to play like little ones. They still enjoy this children’s museum.

Then we headed to Charles’s favorite spot- Joe’s Video Games, a wonderful shop filled with old arcade games and smaller game systems. There was a newly restored game available to play- for free!- so the kids were pretty happy.

Our last stop was our beautiful fountain park. It’s only been around a short while, so I hadn’t been there. It’s so pretty. And if you’re connected to the local wifi, you can control the fountain jets with your iphone. Very cool!

Being a responsible mom, I told the kids they could put only their feet in. But, of course, they couldn’t get into the fountain.

Then I pulled up my geocaching app and found coordinates for a cache that appeared to be in the fountain’s center. All responsible mom ideas were gone as I sent them into the fountain.

Unfortunately, I took time to read the details after the fact and realized it was a puzzle cache…that wasn’t actually at the coordinates. Oops. They assured me that they didn’t mind at all! It was a great day.

On Thursday- although I took no pictures!- we went with friends to homeschool day at a local indoor waterpark. Thursdays have been dance, so we couldn’t take advantage of homeschool day, but dance is over through the summer. So we enjoyed a day at the waterpark.

Today- Saturday- Ashlyne finally had her hair cut. It has grown steadily for over a year. She’s hesitated getting it cut because she needed to be able to style it for the gym and for meets. She’s backing off her gym hours, however. The team is going up to some significant hours over the summer and fall. We were very concerned, but we wanted to feel her out. As it turned out, she also did not want more hours. She wants more time to pursue other things. After all, as she pointed out- she’s only eleven. I think she had a wise, mature perspective. For now, she’s going to spend a few hours each week with the preteam- just to keep her in the gym. We’ll see how that goes. But she’s also got lots of plans for other activities she wants to try in the fall.

So, with no hair styling needed now, she bit the bullet and had it cut short. She had enough to donate to Locks of Love.

I love the new look.

Rachel got trimmed as well. So the two look like twins…sort of.

I’m looking forward to drama camp next week. As the coordinator, I hang around each day. So I get the first view of what’s going on. I’m excited. The younger girls are really looking forward to it.

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