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May is always a busy month. It’s a time for the endings of many of our school year activities which means recitals and plays and programs. It also means the gearing up of football season and practices. I always look forward to the break we’re going to get when some of our activities wind down. But I always end up busier than ever in the summer. Even so I’m looking forward to our drama camp week after next and then a short break before schedules get busy again.

Ashlyne and Rachel and I are almost through with our continent and cultures study. We have one more official week of My Father’s World. We’re in Australia now, and next week we’ll head into Antarctica. There is a geography game board for Australia, but it only has three countries, so the girls have decided it’s the easiest one.

I learned a bit of trivia. We looked up whether or not Australia was an island. I didn’t know the answer, and the girls kept asking. We read that the differences between islands and continents are few and that even experts sometimes disagree. According to this site, Australia is considered an island because it isn’t connected to another continent by land, it has unique animals and biospheres, it has a unique culture, and the local people consider it a separate continent.

Kathryne and Rachel’s worship dance group danced for our church’s retirement home on their last dance day Thursday. The residents always love to see the girls dance. Dance will be over for the summer, and they’ll start again in the fall.

Charles went to a dance with our homeschool teen group on Thursday night. Kathryne went with him last year, and the dance crowd was not her thing. So this year he went on his own. He rarely dresses up, but when he does, he cleans up good.

We also finished up our co-op group this week. The younger girls made teddy graham beach scenes in their edible food art class. Maybe I should be a little concerned that Ashlyne’s scenes had bears drowning in the jello!

The co-op drama class had a closing program tonight. Kathryne and Charles were both in the play. It was a short performance, but they did a really good job.

Charles was the king in the play.

Kathryne was a hermit. At the end of the play, the king dressed like a peasant to go into the forest and ask the hermit for advice. Their scene was the funniest because they both got cracked up with each other and had a hard time delivering their lines because they were laughing.

Next week, I’ll wrap up the last week of My Father’s World with Ashlyne and Rachel. The older kids still have a couple of weeks left in their curricula. We’re looking forward to Kidshine drama camp the week after that.

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