A Round Up of Posts To Help You Prepare and Plan for Family Vacations (Five Days of Family Fun at the Beach)

We are at the beach this week for our annual beach trip with Jason’s extended family. We packed; we drove; and we’re looking forward to some fun. As we enjoy our week at the beach, I’m going to be sharing Five Days of Family Fun at the Beach here on the blog.

Packing and prepping are my least favorite parts of our annual trip, I think. (And maybe the driving.) In today’s post, I have a round up of ideas to help you plan and prepare for your next family vacation.

A round up of ideas for preparing and planning for a family vacation

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Tales of a Homeschool Family shares a two part series- Tips for Traveling With Your Homeschool. I love the idea of taking out homeschool learning on the road.

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Saving money and finding ways to have a frugal family vacation is important for most families. This post from Penny Pinching Peach has some great ideas for Cheap Travel Tips.

Although I don’t consider our family very large, many folks think four kids is quite a few- especially in a car. For long hours. This post from Paradise Praises has some great ideas for traveling with a large family.

Gypsy Road has a variety of great ideas for family travel in this post- Tips and Tricks for Your Family Vacation.

Although my kids are older now, getting babies and toddlers to sleep in a strange place on a different schedule was always challenging. So I really liked this post from I Choose Joy- Help Your Toddler Sleep on Vacation With This Handy Tip.

Another thing that’s gotten a little easier as the kids have gotten older is the ride itself. If you still have little ones, Penny Pinching Peach has this post- Traveling With Little Riders.

Bigger kids can get bored in the car as well. Honest and Truly has a great free printable for a travel scavenger hunt that can keep the kids entertained for a while.

This post from Paradise Praises has more large family travel tips and has a link round up of even more great travel idea posts to check out.

Make it easier. That’s a great motto. This post from Faith Along the Way shares 25 Ways to Make Traveling With the Family Easier.

The Transplanted Southerner shares 6 Must Haves for Long Car Trips With Kids. Thankfully, we had all of these on our trip to the beach.

What are some of your favorite ideas for prepping your family for a vacation? Join me for the remainder of the week for more posts in the Five Days of Family Fun at the Beach series. I’ll also be linking each post to this landing page.

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Day two – Free and Frugal Fun at the Beach
Day three- Hollywood Wax Museum in Myrtle Beach: a Family Vacation Stop
Day four- Books and Resources for Learning About the Beach
Day five- Our Family Beach Trip 2015

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