Are You Really Homeschooling Through High School!?: The Homeschool High School Blog Hop

For two years now I’ve been the homeschool mom of high school students. I don’t blog often about my high school students. It’s not that I don’t care about high school or that I’m not involved in their school work. The plain and simple fact for me is that high school isn’t fun to blog about. It’s true. They don’t make cute hands on projects. They don’t do as many fun and simple science experiments. The books they read aren’t easy to sum up in a blog post. I’m afraid that posts about what my high school kids are doing wouldn’t be very interesting.

Homeschool High School Blog Hop Introduction

On the other hand, I’ve realized as I’ve moved into the high school years that it’s a season of homeschooling that we need blog posts written about. For some reason, homeschooling into high school is often considered a little crazy. When we were homeschooling during preschool and kindergarten people thought that was fun and appealing. There are so many cutsie activities and fun things going on. When we homeschooled through elementary school, a few people questioned our sanity, but most people realize that kids develop at different rates. And having the individual instruction of homeschooling is beneficial. When the kids headed into middle school, the inevitable questions arose “When are they going to school?” “How can they be ready for high school?” And then when the oldest headed into ninth grade, the pressure really came. “Where is she going to high school?” “How can you teach high school?” “Will she have a transcript?” “What about college?” What about sports?” “What about prom?!” And all of sudden, homeschooling isn’t very accepted.

I’m here to tell you that you can homeschool through high school. It’s possible. There are many homeschoolers who go through all of the years of their schooling at home. Many go to college. Many are successful. And there is a wealth of resources that can help and encourage you as you homeschool through high school.

Over the next few months, I, along with some of the other Schoolhouse Review Crew members, are going to be sharing some information, resources, and general encouragement for homeschooling through high school. Here are the upcoming Homeschool High School Blog Hop Themes.

Homeschool High School Blog Hop Themes

It’s time to expand my blogging about homeschool to include my high school kids. And, I’m looking forward to the encouragement and support we can be a part of in this blog hop.

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