This Week@ As We Walk Along the Road: Lazy Days and Summer School

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We are in the throes of our summer schedule now. Charles was gone Monday and Tuesday of this week to do training to be a counselor at our church’s sports summer camp. This is his second year as a CIT (Counselor in Training), meaning he’s a volunteer and can’t get paid because he’s only 14. Other than that busyness, we had time to go to a summer movie, hang out at the pool, and sleep late this week, as well as getting a little schoolwork accomplished.

This Week@ As We Walk Along the Road June 13,2015

The girls had their best buddies over last weekend. There was lots of fun going on- including some cupcake baking.

$1 summer movies began in our local theater this week. Every week on Tuesday and Wednesday there are two different older movies shown for $1. We always try to catch as many as we can throughout the summer because usually going to the movies is very expensive for a family of six. This Wednesday’s movie was the new Annie. The girls had seen it, but Charles and I had not. I really enjoyed it- although there were differences from the original.

Swimming at the Y began in earnest this week. This is a favorite summer pastime and one we take full advantage of. I don’t swim until the water is really warm. My fun is sitting on the side and reading.

We did do some school this week as well as some crafting. This is a fork art fireworks painting. She used a plastic fork to make the fireworks streaks.

This is your incredibly cute dog picture of the week. One of the girls left her stuffed animal on the couch where Blondie promptly curled up with it.

And a bonus cute dog picture of the week: she’s so patient with them.

Things have been kind of quiet here yesterday and today. Charles and Jason are gone for the weekend- visiting and amusement park with Jason’s brother and family. The girls and I are alone. Ashlyne and Rachel took the opportunity to make a whole list of fun things they wanted to do yesterday. They picnicked for lunch. They had a spa day in the bathroom. They did some playing. And, at the end of the day they wrote and performed a play- Lost in Candy Land.

Today is also quiet with the guys gone. I think the girls and I will head out to our local nature museum. I’m not sure I like the constant quiet!

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