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This week I moved back into an abbreviated school schedule with Ashlyne and Rachel. We have some fun review things that we're working on. I've also been organizing the book shelves this week. I went through the books and organized them into categories. I also sorted out six bags of books to donate to the library. They use them for the fundraising book sale. It's painful for me to part with books, but, even with seven bookshelves, I'm running out of room.

I hate to be off of a schedule too long. So I got the younger crew started off on a summer schedule this week. Kathryne is going to do some math, but she'll start a little later. And Charles begins as a CIT (Counselor In Training) for our church sports camp next week, so he won't do much in the way of school this summer.

Ashlyne and Rachel are doing math speed drills and a lapbook right now. We have a few other review things we'll be starting also over the next few weeks.

I tackled one of my big summer organization chores this week- the bookshelves. I have seven bookshelves. But it still seems I'm always running out of book space. It also seems like I can never find the book I want when I want it. So on Wednesday and Thursday I organized bookshelves.

I took all the books off and organized the fiction grouped by author's last name. I didn't alphabetize them within groups. I'm sure they wouldn't stay that way, and I didn't want to be frustrated.

I hate to get rid of books, but I decided that I had to have more book space. So I chose books that hadn't been read in quite a while, character books that are really more twaddle than anything else, and some very little kids books- if they weren't ones of sentimental value.

After I cleaned out, I had much more room to organize things and make them look neat.

Yes, I made labels for the shelves. The family thought it was crazy, but I want them to remember where things go.

Here are my finished shelves. The ones in picture 1 is a set of three shelves together.

So, that project has been most of the week. Today has been a play with friends day. We had cousins over in the morning and friends sleeping over tonight.

Next week is planned to be more of the same. Summer movies start up in our local theater, so we'll probably head there. And I lined up our YMCA membership today, so we can spend lots of time at the pool and water park.


  1. When we moved here 3+ years ago, I organized all the books as I unpacked them. Unfortunately, it didn't take the kids long to unorganize them, lol. The 8 bookcases in the school room now are in varying states of chaos, but I do have certain shelves/sections that are specific to our special homeschool books.

    1. I can definitely relate. :-) I had mine organized once before- about 3-4 years ago. But no one else seems to value keeping them in order like I do. :-) LOL

  2. I need to organize our books, too...Someday. ;) Thanks for linking up at Life at Rossmont.


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