This Week@ As We Walk Along the Road: Gymnastics Awards, Father's Day Boating and Week 2 of Summer Camp

A look at our week- gymnastics awards, Father's Day fun, and more summer camp

My weekly recap actually starts last weekend. On Saturday, Ashlyne had an awards banquet at her gym. This was her third competitive gymnastic season, and even though she’s going to cut back hours and not compete next year, she still loves the sport and her team.

Kathryne helped her dress up.

And there were opportunities for silly photo ops.

She won the Vault Queen award because she had a tremendous vault in competition season.

I didn’t get any Sunday morning pictures, but the gymnastics team spent the night at the gym for a sleep over after the banquet. Needless to say, they didn’t get much sleep, and a sleepy girl met me the next morning.

Father’s Day afternoon, we headed out to the lake. Jason’s brother now has a boat- which lends itself to some really fun days on the lake for the cousins. Almost everyone took a turn in the inner tube- even me, although you’ll notice I didn’t post those pictures.

Everyone liked having a turn to ride in the front of the boat where the wind whips your hair. It was very hot- a perfect day to be on the cool lake.

We wore everyone out after several hours. This girl had been flipped off the inner tube multiple times at this point.

But Ashlyne still had the energy to try to look good.

The girls were in a second week of summer camp this week. They did volleyball camp with our church sports camp. This is the same group that Charles is helping as a counselor in training, so they were all there together. The camp is a longer one, getting done at one each day. But then Charles had a counselors meeting, so I picked up the whole set at two. The girls hung out with Daddy at the church in the between time.

Although they weren’t home much (remind me how crazy it is to have two camp weeks in a row!), I saw this site quite a few times. It’s a new game we’re reviewing, and it’s been very popular.

Kathryne and I had mornings with just the two of us. On Tuesday, she treated me to a movie with her money, and we saw Inside Out, the new Pixar flick. I loved it. I think it’s my favorite Pixar movie of all time, and that’s saying lots because I’ve always been a big Toy Story fan. But I found myself sniffling through the whole last twenty minutes or so of this one, and I think I have a new favorite.

On Friday, I went to the final camp assembly again. Charles got to be crazy on stage with the other counselors. (He’s the one beside the banana.) And, again, if you’ve never heard The Beaver Song, your life isn’t complete. Go listen now.

The blurry picture is Ashlyne dancing with her counselor. It’s hard to get good pictures in the dark with kids in constant motion.

After this super busy week, we’re headed to the beach. Today has been the crazy day of prep and packing. But I’m looking forward to some chill time. The blog’s going to still be in action though with a five day series- Family Fun at the Beach. I’m talking prep for family vacations, how to have fun on the cheap, favorite things we do at Myrtle Beach, and a collection of resources to make your beach trip into a learning experience. So stop by even while I’m on vacation.

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