This Week@ As We Walk Along the Road: Terrible Days and Camp Times and Praises

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This week has been a crazy one. There have been highs and lows. We’ve done some really fun things. But, there have been some pretty harried moments. When all is said and done, I have much to be thankful for this week.

This Week@ As We Walk Along the Road

This past weekend was a strange one. Jason and Charles were gone. They went to a park in Kentucky with Jason’s brother and family. The girls and I hung out. When any one child is gone, the family dynamics change. So things just felt different all weekend.

I took the girls to the museum on Saturday. There is a wolf exhibit open, and Saturday was the opening day with special events planned. The girls enjoyed playing in the wolf den with the stuffed wolf pups.

We looked at the difference between a wolf pelt and a coyote pelt.

The girls enjoyed the regular exhibits also. These large bears are always favorites.

The girls found this little guy in the yard early in the week. They took quite a few pictures.

My first print edition of Molly Green Magazine came in the mail this week. I’m a regular contributor to Molly Green, and it’s pretty cool seeing the magazine in print now. (You can become a member and subscribe to Molly Green here.) You can also read the digital magazines for free.

The amazingly cute, patient puppy let the girls dress her up for a photo shoot.

No pictures of our terrible, no good, very bad day..but, on Tuesday we headed out to a friend’s house about thirty minutes away. It was an incredibly hot day- close to 100. We were all rather tired anyway because the girls were in cheer camp- with Kathryne as a counselor, and Charles was a counselor in training at out church’s sports camp in the morning.

When we were within a few miles of their house, the van stopped working. It just cut off. I called AAA and Jason. Thankfully the friend was able to come and take the kids so that they didn’t sit on the side of the road in the heat. I did sit in the heat and wait for Jason and then wait more for AAA.

After almost three hours we headed to the friends where the kids had been swimming all afternoon. We headed home with them. Just a few minutes into the trip, Rachel called out that she felt sick. We got her up to the front of the car and realized she was suffering from heat exhaustion. We were on the verge of whether to call 911 immediately. She was close to unresponsive. Jason got her cooled down with water poured on towels, draped on her. We were eventually able to get her to drink some. Finally at home in a cool bath, she was fully recovered, but things were dicey there for a while.

Cheer camp was outdoors, so I made sure that the girls stayed hydrated and as cool as possible, and I kept them home on Wednesday. So praise #1- very big praise- Rachel was safe!

On Wednesday- after this happened on Tuesday- the girls had a friend come in to play (because I was keeping everyone inside.) She overturned a cup of water on my laptop. Everything stopped working.

I googled what to do. No one had much hope to offer. The answer basically was- you’re probably out of luck. We removed the battery and loosened the outer case and stood the computer on its side to let it dry out as much as possible.

I went to bed pretty upset. It’s just a computer. But I just got this computer new when we got income tax money back. So I was pretty bummed. I prayed. I asked for prayer from my Schoolhouse Crew friends. But, to be honest, I believed the naysayers online and thought it was probably dead.

At lunch time the next day I put it back together for one more try. And…it worked! This was nothing short of miraculous! Praise #2- I have a working computer!

Today- Friday, we all went to watch the girls final cheer camp day. They showed the cheers they had practiced and did a dance and stunt.

Charles has been a counselor in training (CIT) this week. We went to watch his final assembly today as well. This is a pretty bad picture- because it was very dark in the room- but this is a group of the counselors and CITs dancing crazy to the Beaver Song.(If you’ve never heard the Beaver Song, you are totally missing out, and you should stop right now and go listen.)

This afternoon Jason got to work on the van (again) to see what could be done with it. We were pretty worried. We’ve had two pretty major things done to it lately and have been pretty concerned about where more money to sink into the van was coming from. Jason tried two other things earlier in the week- that didn’t work- and had narrowed it down to another likely problem. After some tinkering today, he tried out the van and… it worked! Praise #3- for much less money than we had feared, we have a working van!

And so, it’s been a week of definite ups and downs. I’m tired from a week of running kids to camp and some incredible heat. But I’m thankful that God cares about the little things- like vans and printers. He doesn’t keep hard things from happening to us, but He does care for us throughout them.

What’s your week been like?

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