Grapevine Studies: A Bible Study of the Book of Ruth (A Review and GIVEAWAY)

I’ve had the opportunity to review a Bible study from Grapevine Studies before. (I reviewed Moses and the Exodus here.) And I’ve used other Grapevine Studies with my children as our regular curriculum. I love the unique approach that Grapevine has in teaching kids about the Bible. In this review, I’m looking at the study of Ruth- one of the individual Bible book studies that Grapevine offers. There is also an opportunity for you to win your own teacher and student copy of the Ruth Bible study, so make sure that you enter the giveaway below. (It runs from 7/30/15 to 8/8/15.)

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The unique approach of Grapevine Studies…

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Grapevine Studies is a very unique approach to Bible study. In these studies, students learn the Bible by drawing it in stick figures. As the students work their way through the lesson, they draw portions of the Bible reading to help them remember it. The lessons also include review questions, memory verses, and a timeline that helps kids visualize the order of events.

As a visual learner, the approach used in the Grapevine Studies is one that I really love. Although I’m definitely not an artist, I can draw stick figures. And having that visual to look back on is great for a visual learner.

The technique is also a good approach for a hands on learner. Kids who learn by doing will enjoy the act of drawing out the scenes and will remember what they’ve learned because they had the opportunity to do.

The study of Ruth…

Ruth is one of the stand alone, topical studies from Grapevine. It can be completed as five weekly lessons or eighteen daily lessons. There are two versions of this study. The traceable version is for ages 3 and up, and the regular version is for ages 7 and up. We used the regular version for our study. There are several options for purchasing the topical studies. You can choose to purchase a consumable, print book or an ebook that can be printed for the whole family. You can also choose a class license ebook if you are planning to use the study with a class. Either way you’ll also need a teacher book- either print or ebook. We received the family license ebook ($5.50) and the teacher ebook ($9.50). I chose to just print the student books for Ashlyne and Rachel and to use my book in digital format.

I love the teacher’s guide for this study (and for the others I’ve used). It’s very complete. It begins by explaining the goals and methods of the Grapevine study and by showing teachers how to use the course. There is an overview of each lesson and the main points. And then there is a detailed outline of each lesson. It tells the teacher exactly what Scripture will be read and illustrates each drawing for that lesson. This way the teacher can easily demonstrate to the students what to draw.

A review of the Ruth Bible study from Grapevine studies

A review of the Ruth Bible study from Grapevine studies

The student lesson begin with a timeline overview. Completing this timeline helps the student (and teacher) to see where the events in the lessons are going to fall. The timeline is completed with stick figure drawings- which the teacher book details.

A review of the Ruth Bible study from Grapevine studies

In each weekly lesson, there are boxes for the student to draw in. Each box has a Scripture reference. The teacher’s guide leads the teacher through reading this Scripture and drawing the representative figure in the box. My girls are old enough to take turns reading the Scripture. It can also be read by the teacher. The teacher’s guide also suggests words to define and discussion points as you go through the lesson.

A review of the Ruth Bible study from Grapevine studies

The Ruth study has four main lessons (and the timeline lesson makes five). It can be broken up over five weeks or you can use the lessons daily four days a week. A schedule for each is in the teacher’s guide. It is easier for us to do daily lessons as a regular part of our school schedule. But the weekly lessons would work nicely for a Sunday School class or co-op. The lessons in Ruth are broken down over the four chapters of the book, covering one chapter in each lesson- Moab, Gleaning, A Kinsman, and Redeemed.

The lessons all have the same main parts:

  • The timeline review covers the sections of the timeline that have been covered in the lessons so far.
  • The memory verse review has space for students to write the verses that have been covered so far. 
  • There are two drawing pages, each with four boxes. Each box has a passage from the book of Ruth, and students will draw something to remember the passage in each box.
  • At the end of the second drawing page, there are comprehension questions.
  • A student drawing page gives open space for the student to draw her favorite part of the lesson.
  • At the end of the lesson, there are lines for the student to write the memory verse for that lesson. The verse comes from part of the Scripture read during the lesson.

My favorite things…

I love that the Bible lessons from Grapevine Studies utilize so many learning styles. Visual learners can see the timeline figures and lesson pictures that are drawn. Kinesthetic learners are actively doing something during the lesson as they draw. Auditory learners hear the Scripture being read. Covering a variety of learning styles helps to ensure that what they’re learning will really “stick” with kids.
I also really like the detailed teacher’s book. Because I’m not a very artsy person, I need something detailed if I’m going to draw. The teacher’s book helps me to know exactly what to draw and when.
If I haven’t mentioned it before- and I’m sure I probably have- I love, love, love timelines. So when you throw a timeline in at the beginning of a study and you keep up with the timeline throughout the study so that I can see exactly where events fall, I’m going to love it. I love the timelines!
I don’t say this often in a review, but I really can’t think of anything I don’t like about the Bible studies from Grapevine. This Ruth study was a perfect length for a short session- like our summer session. You can also find Grapevine studies that will last all year long as your Bible curriculum.

Because I’ve loved the study of Ruth so much, I’m very excited that Grapevine is offering a set of the teacher and student book of the Ruth study as a giveaway to one of my readers! To get your own set, enter the giveaway below. On August 8, I’ll be picking a winner.

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