This Week@ As We Walk Along the Road: Slow Summer Days, More Camp Counselor, and a Slump

We celebrated the 4th of July at home together on Saturday. On some years we’ve been gone to the beach over the holiday, but for the last two years we’ve been at home, and we’ve celebrated with some fireworks that we can all shoot off together.

Charles was a camp counselor again this week. It’s been a quiet summer with him gone most of the time. And, although I’m glad he’s doing well and having fun, I have to admit that I miss him and miss having the family together. The girls and I had a mostly restful week after coming back from the beach. But I’ve fought a headache all week, and it’s a week that chronic pain has me quite discouraged.

A look at our week- July 11, 2015

Most of our fireworks consist of things that make lots of smoke and a little noise.

Colored smoke bombs are favorites because they are easy to light, not extremely dangerous, and make some really pretty smoke.

Sparklers are pretty fun too. We did them at almost dark because I was ready to head inside but didn’t want to miss them.

I’m still doing some school work with Ashlyne and Rachel over the summer. We actually have some really fun review things that we’ve been in the midst of working on.

On Monday night, I took Ashlyne and Kathryne to Open Mic night at the library. We have a great youth librarian who tries to have fun activities for the 11-18 crowd. Ashlyne is finally old enough to participate with the older kids this summer. One of the new activities the librarian is trying is an Open Mic night.

We were part of the first- which ended up being Ashlyne, Kathryne, and one other homeschool girl. (It’s always cool to meet other homeschool families through programs like this!) It was good for the girls, though, because they enjoy singing and probably wouldn’t have wanted to do it in front of a big group. Because we had a smaller group, they got comfortable and had fun. We’re looking forward to more Open Mic nights to come.

This isn’t a great picture, but I wanted to include it because this was such a neat thing. We often see deer in the woods behind our house, but this guy came up much farther in the yard than usual, and he stuck around for quite a while. We stayed inside and took pictures through the window so that the dog wouldn’t see him and scare him away.

One of the reviews that Ashlyne and Rachel are working on is a fun science unit. It’s pretty awesome when our science lesson for the day involves making cookies. (And we used our gluten free flour, but the recipe turned out to make great gluten free cookies that actually puffed up instead of running out flat like most do!)

I’ve fought a headache and general yucky feeling all week. Chronic pain can be a bummer, and I hate it when I’m in a pain slump. Thankfully we haven’t had an incredibly busy week, so I could hang around the house. We’ve had a few nights of going to the pool, but have been able to relax much of the week. Unfortunately high pain days leave me in a bit of a fog, so I’ve felt sort of out of it this week and haven’t accomplished much in the blogging or lesson planning department. It’s hard to believe, but we’ll start back our regular school schedule in just about one month! The summer goes by so fast.

We have another week of chill coming up and then we’re all participating in and helping with VBS at our church. It’s always a busy week, but we’re looking forward to it.

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