This Week@ As We Walk Along the Road: Sweet Sixteens, Concussions, and Hard Times

I almost decided not to write a wrap up post this week. You see, the end of the week has ended up to be a very difficult one. I don’t talk (or write) easily about my emotions. And, typically, my blog is a place that I try to keep light hearted even if I’m sharing a homeschooling struggle we’ve faced or a parenting issue we’ve dealt with. This week, though, has ended for us with a sober reminder that things can change in the blink of an eye. And a week can go from one of celebrating birthdays and dealing with day to day family issues to one of fear and grief.

We’ll begin the week in an easier place- with fun and school work and birthday parties.

This Week@As We Walk Along the Road: Sweet Sixteens, Concussions, and Hard Times

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Your cute puppy picture this week features two cute children as well. Rachel is sometimes slightly jealous of attention paid to the puppy. Guess that comes from being the baby of the family.

I can hardly believe this, but my oldest will turn 16 next week. Of course I had her when I was like, 12, right? To celebrate her sweet sixteen, she wanted to have a group of friends go to the ice skating rink. So we loaded up some friends- along with sisters and a brother- and headed to ice skate.

I had the good sense not to get on the ice. Because, really, I was slightly older than 12 when this child was born. Which means I’m waaaay older than 12 now. And older than 20, or 30 or… (we won’t keep going). Unfortunately, Charles did get on the ice. In the first two minutes- for real- that we were there, the child fell backwards on to the ice and sustained a head injury that we eventually had to visit the ER for.

Charles was the (un)happy recipient of the family award for first concussion. I let him keep skating after he fell because he really seemed okay other than pain in his head and a huge knot on his hard head. But on the way home, he seemed tired and groggy and was queasy. I knew when he passed up playing board games with the girls to go lay on his bed that something was probably not right. Jason took him to the ER where they diagnosed a mild concussion. The orders were to check on him every two to three hours throughout the night. If all was well after 24 hours, he was out of the critical phase. Then he isn’t to have any screens or reading for seven days to protect that area from strain.

Thankfully he was fine for the 24 hour period. I’ll admit my mama’s heart was a little frightened. Now we’re suffering through electronics withdrawal. Thankfully he’s renewed his love of audio books- which he used to listen to all the time. And he’s been working puzzles. I’m sort of liking this mandatory screen withdrawal because even though we have rules to limit it, they obviously are pretty dependent on watching or using screens.

The girls were a little smarter about their approach to the ice and spent most of the time clumped together talking and hanging on for dear life.

Back at our house we had pizza and birthday brownies and ice cream. Kathryne had lots of fun, and these were some great teens and fun to be with, so it was a good party- despite the little concussion episode.

The younger girls and I are still working on some fun science units for a review. We’re really enjoying these projects which are very hands on and fun.

Jason took Thursday off, and he and all the girls went to the movies. Charles- who can’t watch screens for seven days- felt a little left out, so he and I went to lunch at Moes.

July is a month full of birthdays of our family and friends, so we celebrated Rachel’s best friend’s birthday also this week.

And for the more difficult…

Yesterday- Friday- my parents were involved in a bad wreck. My mom was able to be treated and released from the ER, but my dad has sustained serious injuries. He’s currently in the trauma ICU under heavy sedation. He’s had two surgeries already. At this point things are basically just a waiting game as we see how his body responds to each new challenge.

I’ve always been quite close to my dad. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve enjoyed seeing him get to meet my children and have a relationship with them. I don’t like to think about the fact that he may not be here much longer.

I had a good discussion with the two older kids last night. Charles had asked me how I was remaining calm- at that point discussing what was currently going on with my dad with Jason who was staying with him in the hospital over night last night. I referred him to a verse that has always stuck with me. The verse is 1 Thessalonians 4:13- And now, dear brothers and sisters, we want you to know what will happen to the believers who have died so you will not grieve like people who have no hope.

The fact is that we are not promised a life absent of grief just because we are Christians. A relationship with Christ isn’t a ticket to an easy life. And, yes, suffering still exists; but I still believe that God is very good. And I believe that we can grieve differently than those who have no hope. Because my father is a Christian. He loves his Lord. And I know he is ready to see Him at anytime, whether it’s soon or years down the road. And because of that, I can grieve…with hope- hope, not only that I will always be with him again, but also a hope that I will be comforted. Because of Christ we have hope. We have hope of a reuniting in the future. And we have hope of comfort and peace now as we walk through suffering.

A good friend texted me this verse yesterday after hearing about my dad and the wreck. This promise is one that is truly amazing. As we grasp the truth of it, we know why we can grieve and still have hope.

This week has been, for me a true slice of life. There has been joy- hanging out with the kids, celebrating birthdays. There has been trepidation- worrying over a concussion, waiting to know details about my parents wreck. There has been sadness- because of the pain and suffering of my dad and our family. But God reassures me- through Scripture, through the prayers of friends, through kindnesses of friends and strangers, through peace in the midst of struggle- that He is the One upholding me with His mighty hand.

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