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Open House: A Glimpse of a "Typical" Homeschool Day

Leah Courtney
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This week I've been sharing a little view of our homeschool in an Open House. I shared our curriculum for the year and a look into our learning spaces. You can find the first post- and links to all the posts- here. In today's post, I'm sharing a "typical" day in our homeschool life. There's really no such thing as a typical day. There are always interruptions and pauses and spills to clean up and that moment when I realize that the toothpicks I meant to buy for today's craft, I somehow never got around to buying. Homeschool is about learning amid the ebb and flow of regular life. It's not- at least in our case- doing school at home. It's about learning in the midst of everything else.

After you have a look at a somewhat "normal" day for us, don't forget that you can link up your own Open House posts below. Share your curriculum, your schoolroom, or a day in your own homeschool. I love to have a look at what other homeschoolers do.

A day in our homeschool life

8:30 am- I'm somewhat ashamed to admit that I only get up at 8:30 because Kathryne insists. She wants to start school before 9, so she actually gets up at 8 and gets ready for school. Charles is usually up also. He gets up and showers and gets started on school. So, reluctantly, I admit that I drag out of bed by 8:30 because my big kids are up.

We start with devotions together, and then I- and the younger girls- eat breakfast and get ready for school. We're usually starting together work by 9:30.

A day in our homeschool life

Charles and Kathryne head off to do their own work. I followed Charles to take a picture of him doing his reading in my room on the couch. He's reading Mere Christianity.

A day in our homeschool life

Blondie loves to follow us around and be close while we do school.

A day in our homeschool life

Kathryne's desk is under the girls' loft beds. She hates to have her picture taken.

A day in our homeschool life

I do the basics together with Ashlyne and Rachel, and they do math and spelling on their own. Today we were watching a video about Iroquoian longhouses because we've been reading about the various Native Americans tribes in early America.

A day in our homeschool life

On Fridays we've been finishing up the Passport to History that I reviewed this summer. We stopped after the review because the summer got crazy. But we've picked it back up, and we're doing it on Fridays.
A day in our homeschool life

We break for lunch around 12/12:30. I'm not very creative, and we follow a repetitive schedule for lunches. Fridays are deli meat and cheese sandwich day.

A day in our homeschool life

In and out amidst the schoolwork we're always doing laundry and dishes and other housework. We have a chore schedule that we follow.

A day in our homeschool life

While the kids eat I read aloud. We're currently reading Kingdom Tales by David and Karen Mains.

A day in our homeschool life

After lunch the kids take a break before heading off to do their independent work. Kathryne and the younger girls were watching YouTube videos.

While the kids break, I eat lunch and get some work done blogging, posting, working on social media.
A day in our homeschool life

The pictures tapered off after lunch. But, usually I head in to finish a few things with the girls. Today I dictated their spelling passage. The older kids go off to finish their work. Charles is usually done quicker than Kathryne, but both of them usually have a few things to finish after lunch.

I clean the kitchen and do a few other chores after I get through working with the little girls. I leave them to finish their independent work. If we don't have any afternoon activities- as we didn't today- I take a rest for a while.

By the time I get up and work on supper- or finish up what's in the crockpot, everyone is done with schoolwork. I may some questions to answer or work to check or grade, but most regular work is finished by late afternoon.

Today was a rather laid back day because we didn't have any afternoon activities. On days where kids have dance or gymnastics, our mid to late afternoons look a little different.

So there you have it. We like loose routines rather than structured schedules. We're fairly flexible, although we try to hit those main times like devotions, the start of school, and lunch on a regular time frame. What does your homeschool look like? Don't forget to link up you posts below.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

Leah Courtney is a homeschooling mom of four. She’s graduated two teens- one who’s a legal adult now! And she’s still homeschooling two middle schoolers. She loves all things book related, and in her- very rare- free time you can find her listening to audiobooks and coloring.


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