Six "I Can't Homeschool" Myths Debunked

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As we head into a new school year (for traditional schools), I often hear parents comment to me: “Well, I wish we could homeschool, but…” I am here to debunk some of those “I can’t” statements. There are many ideas that people have about homeschooling that just aren’t accurate. I’ve rounded up some posts from my archives and from other great resources to shed some light on the concerns that may hinder parents from making the decision to homeschool.

Answers to common concerns about homeschooling

Now let me offer a disclaimer. I love homeschooling. I think it’s an excellent choice. I truly do love the time I have to spend with my children and the many, many benefits that homeschooling brings to our family. Would I tell you to homeschool? Absolutely. But…I am not God. And I do not claim to know His will for you and your children in regards to schooling options. So I understand that not every parent will feel God’s leading in that direction. But, if you have felt led to homeschool, but you’ve been worried about one of these common concerns, I’m here to alleviate your fears. Don’t let an unfounded fear keep you from following God’s directive to homeschool.

I can’t homeschool because I can’t afford it.

Favorite Free Homeschool Resources
Frugal Homeschooling: Ways to Save Pennies
Can I Really Homeschool for Free?

I can’t homeschool because I’m not a teacher.

Why I Can’t Homeschool Myth: “I Could Never Teach My Child Anything.”
My Journey From Teaching to Homeschooling

I can’t homeschool because my children will lack social skills, and they’ll be too sheltered.

You Homeschool? You Must Be Scared of the Real World
What About Socialization?

I can’t homeschool because my kids are in high school.

You Can Do It (From HSLDA)
Making Plans for Homeschooling Through High School

I can’t homeschool because I don’t know all the subjects well- especially math!

How You Can Teach Those Difficult Subjects
How To Handle Teaching What You Don’t Know

I can’t homeschool because I don’t have any support.

State Resources and Local Support Groups
What Is a Homeschool Co-op?
When You’re Homeschooling On Your Own

I hope you’ve found some good answers to your homeschooling concerns here. It’s sometimes scary to just jump in. If you are new to homeschooling, you can pick up a free copy of my ebook So You Want to Be a Homeschooler here. (And I’d love it if you passed on the link to friends who are new to homeschooling or thinking about homeschooling.)

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