The Storymatic Kids!: A Simple Game That Encourages Creativity (A Review)

Like many kids, mine would love to sit in front of a screen all day if I would allow it. But I don’t. And so they’re forced to find alternative ways to occupy their time. Recently we were able to review a game that we’ve found is a great way to have some fun in a very simple way- with no screens involved.

We reviewed The Storymatic Kids!  from Storymatic Studios. This card game is recommended for ages five and up. I have some creative kids- when I pull them away from their video games- and I knew that the idea of making up stories from creative prompts would interest them. So, when our card game arrived, we dove in.

A review of a card game that serves as a creative story starter

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Storymatic Studios

The creator of The Storymatic is a teacher. He devised the game to use in his high school classroom, and as it became a hit with his students, he eventually developed the game to sell. Now, you can purchase the original The Storymatic as well as a kids version and a history version in the Storymatic Studios shop.

How does it work?

The game consists of a box of cards. It’s really that simple. There are gold cards and blue cards. The basic idea is to draw two gold cards. With those cards, you make up a character. For example you may draw a gold card that says “a food taster for the queen” and another gold card that says “likes to make practical jokes all the time”. So your character becomes a practical joking food taster for the queen. Then you draw a blue card. With that card you’ll find a situation that can help you to begin to create a story. For example we drew the card “National Opposite Day” when we first played the game. So the idea is to use our character and create a story involving National Opposite Day.

Besides the basic game, there are alternatives suggested in the instructions and on the website. The only two rules of the game are (1) the character must change in some way as you go along and (2) the character can’t die.

How can the cards be used?

We’re a family who enjoys games. We also have some creative people. We can sit around and play The Storymatic Kids! as a fun family activity. It’s a “game” that won’t have a winner. It’s played just for fun and the the enjoyment of listening to the creative stories.

I also can definitely see using it as a story starter activity for a writing assignment. Even good writers get stuck and need something to fuel their imaginations. The character cards and situation cards in the game can be the start of a great story.

I think The Storymatic Kids! would also be lots of fun in our homeschool co-op. This is the kind of activity that is fun to do with a big group. It would be great for a creative writing class in our co-op.

What did we think?

I love the simplicity of The Storymatic Kids! It was easy to understand and get started. Within just a few minutes we were having creative fun. The prompts are funny and imaginative.

My only concern about the game was the age recommendation. Although the recommendation on the box says ages 5 and up, I think the game would be quite difficult for a 5 year old. The reading of the cards as well as the ability to understand the character and situations would be over the head of most 5 year olds. My kids are all older, so we didn’t have any problems. And I think a younger child could probably play and make up a story with the help of a parent.

We really enjoyed The Storymatic Kids! I’d like to look at the other Storymatic Studios card sets- especially the history set.

Disclosure: I received a free copy from the publisher and Academics Choice Awards of this game for my personal review. All opinions are my own, and I was not compensated in any other way.

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