This Week@ As We Walk Along the Road: Birthdays, Comicon, and Getting Back to Normal

This week was one of getting back into a regular schedule and settling out after the summer we’ve had. I was extremely ready to get back into a school schedule. And I think that the kids even looked forward to it a little. Our week began- last weekend- and ended- tonight (Sunday) with birthday celebrations. With two birthdays close together in July and August, it sometimes seems we’re celebrating forever.

A look at our week- August 15, 2015

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We have a legendary shaved ice place in town- Pelican’s. We’ve survived without trying it for about a year now. At first the only local one was about thirty minutes away from us. One has now opened up down the road, and the kids have been after me nonstop to visit. So last weekend, we finally had our first taste of Pelican’s. I have to admit that- for shaved ice- it’s pretty good. I’m not a huge shaved ice fan, but it’s okay. The down side is that now Pelican’s is going to become “that place”- the place the kids beg to visit every time we leave the house. I have a feeling the owners are going to come to love us.

Rachel turned ten on Sunday. She was officially my last single-digit aged child, and it’s hard to believe all of my children are ten and up. The girls’ best friends spent the night last weekend. They are two sisters- one close in age to Ashlyne and one close in age to Rachel.

Ashlyne devised a scavenger hunt for Rachel to find her presents. Ashlyne had a present to give her, and their friends brought a gift. So the two older girls hid the presents and made a scavenger hunt for the younger ones to follow to the gifts.

I took the girls to play laser tag on Saturday. I didn’t intend to play, but at the last minute, the attendant encouraged me to go in for no extra charge. I have to admit that I really liked it. I may or may not have already been making plans for a return.

Sunday morning, the 9th, was Rachel’s actual birthday. We had the traditional birthday muffins (with a fuzzy picture), and then we headed off to do something quite new for us.

Charles found out a few months ago that the big city to our north- Charlotte, NC- hosts a Comicon twice a year. Charles has always dreamed of going to a big Comicon, but this was the next best thing. Because it fell on Rachel’s birthday, he was able to convince her- and all of us- that it would be lots of fun to do as a family for her birthday.

If you’ve never been to a Comicon, you just have to experience it once in your life- so you can say you’ve seen it all. Small rooms packed with vendors selling new and old comic and television character memorabilia and comic books, people dressed up in extremely outlandish costumes, and a panel of speakers who got a huge thrill out of discussing The Flash for a full hour- and no I did not sit through it for that long! This picture seemed to sum up pretty well our experience.

One of Charles’s favorite parts: he made it to the finals of the trivia contest. He was in the top five, and he won a comic book. He didn’t make his question in this round, but it was kind of cool to watch. He had a really good time all around. And, truth be told, it was a fun family day. Charles is already making plans for the winter Comicon.

We really did start back to school this week. Ashlyne and Rachel and I are still doing the bulk of work together with them working independently on spelling, math, and writing assignments. We’re using Notgrass America the Beautiful as a history/Bible/literature core and kind of spinning off of that.

Even though we were back to the school schedule, we made time to go the YMCA pool for one last week day hurrah. After Friday, they’re only open on weekend through Labor Day when the outdoor pools will close.

This week, Kathryne’s high school co-op will begin two mornings a week. That will be a new twist in the schedule, and it will be fun to see how it all fits together.

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