5 Ways to Celebrate Grandparents Any Day of the Year

Sunday, September 13 is Grandparent’s Day. Because my dad passed away this summer, our family has been reminded how important it is to make time for the kids to spend with their grandparents. We are very thankful that our kids are growing up with grandparents that love them and spend time with them. The truth is that the holiday of “Grandparent’s Day” is what I consider a Hallmark holiday- mostly made up so that card and gift stores can make money. But spending time with grandparents and honoring and loving them should be an every day thing. If having a “Grandparent’s Day” reminds us of that importance then it’s a good thing. Here are some fun ways for the kids to have fun and spend time with grandparents any day of the year.

Ideas for celebrating Grandparents Day

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1. Read a story together – Kiddos love listening to a story told by grandma and grandpa. Provide grandparents with books that are fun for the older and younger generation to read together and discuss. The Life of Fred Beginning Reader Series is a fun set of books that are hilarious, short and sweet – great for getting everyone to laugh while reading!

2. Browse through old photos – Pulling out the old family photo albums is so fun! What a great way to share memories with your children. Grandparents love telling stories and passing down their memories. Kids love pointing at photos and asking questions like, “Grandma, is that really you??”
Coloring For Everyone Educents3. Color together – Coloring is not just for kids, it’s for everyone! Send kids to grandpa’s house with a bag of coloring books so they can spend quality, artistic time together. This set of coloring books would be a great bundle to keep at grandma and grandpa’s house!
4. Make a gift for grandparents – Do your kids want to make a personal gift for grandma and grandpa? These printable books are super cute and easy to use! Just print, fill out the pages, and practice writing and reflect on memories of grandparents who are still living or passed on.
5.Interview a grandparent – Little ones can learn a lot
from grandparents. What is grandma or grandpa’s favorite memories as a child? What are life lessons that can be passed down to the next generation and preserved for future generations? This one-of-a-kind interactive notebook will give your little one the opportunity to interview grandparents and have a keepsake for precious memories. The Grandmother’s Virtues Interview Lapbook and Grandfather’s Wisdom Interview Lapbook are available on Educents for a discount!
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