Beginner's Guide to Essential Oils: A Post Round Up

Within the last few months, I’ve slowly begun the journey into using essential oils with our family. We’re still very much in the beginning stages, and I’m still learning and learning. But we have had some good results with certain oils and blends and treatments that we’ve tried. In this post, I’m sharing our journey briefly, and then I’m linking up to some of the great posts I’ve been finding as I’ve been researching and learning about oils and their uses.

Learning to use essential oils

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When I first began to think about essential oils, it was primarily as another resource to find relief from pain and other minor ailments without always turning to medicine first. Because I have fibromyalgia, I take several medications for pain and for reducing symptoms. Every medication has side effects, so soon I’m dealing with not only the original problem but the symptoms arising from the side effects. It’s a vicious cycle. After learning about several friends who were finding some great healthy effects from using essential oils, I decided to take the plunge.

I know there are some heated debates about what brand of essential oils to buy. After some research, I decided to become a Young Living member. I am not aggressively selling oils, but I can get rewards and better prices on mine and have sold a few to friends and family. My reasoning in going with Young Living was because I felt like they had a solid education program behind the oils they sell. And I definitely need all the information I can learn! As I learn more and try more, I’m not opposed to using other brands, but for now, I’ll stick with Young Living and the education I’m receiving.

As I’ve begun to research more and more, I’ve created a Pinterest board with some of the great things I’m learning about how oils can work and the blends I can make. I’ll share a few of those in this round up as well as some other sites and posts that have been really useful as I learn more.

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Tea Tree Oil- one I wasn’t aware of before I began this journey- has been one of my favorite oils so far. This post has more than twenty ways to use tea tree around the house.

I am a sucker for buying antibacterial hand soap- even though I’ve heard all the reasons it isn’t great. So I really want to try this recipe for hand soap using essential oils.

This DIY lip balm is another I have to try. I carry chapstick around and use it so often I should buy stock! I’m sure this one is much safer.

Lemon oils was one of the first oils I began using. It’s so easy to find uses for, and I love the smell. This post is all about using lemon oil.

This post has a thieves oil recipe- one of my favorite blends! There is also some good information here that presents a balanced view for using other oil brands.

This is another post- part of a whole series- that does a really good job of exploring the different brands and comparing them.

This blogger is all about Young Living oils- The Well Oiled Life. She shares some great information and recipes.

I love the Wellness Mama blog. This post gives some great information on risks of essential oil usage and tips to use them safely.

Essential Oil Blogging is another great, informative blog about all things essential oils. It doesn’t seem to focus on a certain brand but on oiling education.

This is a great beginner’s post with the top ten essential oils to begin using.

One of my biggest hurdles in using oils is just trying to remember what they’re all good for. I’ll read something great about an oil, and then soon I’ve forgotten which oil for which symptom! This post from One Good Thing has an informative printable cheat sheet for four of the most used oils.

Because I’m a puppy lover, this post about using essential oils with dogs was a great one!

Those are a few of the favorite posts I’ve found as I began using oils. I’m still learning, and I’m enjoying getting to know more and more about oils as a healthy choice for my family. Do you have any favorite oiling blogs that you author or follow? Leave me a link.

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