Simple, Healthy Snacks for Busy Homeschool Days With Savings at Publix

I’m not sure if other homeschooling families find themselves in this position, but my kids love to snack. All. Day. Long. I’m always on the lookout for healthier and super simple snacks to keep on hand. Many of our favorites are now part of great savings at Publix with the Snack and Save event. Keep reading to get your no clip $5 off coupon and have a chance to win $15 in Paypal cash- to use for all those great snacks!

Simple, healthy snacks with savings at Publix

When I’m stocking up on snacks I look for convenience and cost as well as healthier snacks. I’ve noticed that during the day, the kids tend to “graze” instead of eating bigger meals. I’m fine with this as long as they are grazing on healthier foods and not junk foods. Here are a few snacks we’ve found to keep on hand that are super easy to grab- meaning less interrupted school time- and more healthy.

Simple, healthy snacks with savings at Publix

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  • Yoplait Greek 100 yogurt. This yummy yogurt comes in several varieties. The basic Greek 100 taste similar to regular yogurt but is creamier and more substantial. The Greek 100 Whips are whipped and sweet- a more healthy dessert snack. And the Yoplait Plenti has flax seeds and oats added to make this a very substantial snack.(They are also gluten free!)
  • Cheese. Almost all of my kids love cheese. It makes a simple, easy snack and one with protein to ensure that blood sugars don’t drop, leaving kids draggy and tired midway through the school day. We eat it in string cheese, slices, or blocks of cheese that we can cut up as needed.
  • Fruit. Fruit is always a go to snack in our house. Grapes are great because I can wash them and break them into smaller bunches as soon as I get them home from the store. Then kids can just grab a few easily. Apples are also a big hit, as are berries that are easy to prewash like the grapes.
  • Tostitos Bite Sized Tortilla Chips. Not all Tostitos chips are gluten free, but these basic chips are. I love the bite sized because they are easy to sit and snack on without a mess while kids continue school work. We eat them plain, with salsa, with other dips, with cheese. My oldest even eats them dipped in peanut butter- like a cracker!
  • Popcorn. Popcorn- without lots of added butter and salt- is a fairly healthy snack. It’s pretty simple to make. We have a small air popper which actually is quicker than the microwave and doesn’t burn the popcorn. A large bowl of this, along with some cut up fruit to snack on, can make a healthy snack to boost kids mid morning.
  • Nuts. Nuts are a great, protein filled snack. The less sugar and flavor added to the nuts the better they are. If you get plain nuts or lightly salted, they make a great, healthy snack that can give energy.
  • Pretzels. Another really easy snack to keep on hand are pretzels. Sometimes I package them up in individual baggies when I bring them home from the store to make it easy for kids to just grab one bag and go. Although regular pretzels aren’t gluten free, I do like to keep the gluten free variety on hand as well. because they make a great, quick snack.
  • Raisins and other dried fruit. All of us like to eat dried fruit as a snack. It’s easier to keep at the ready than fresh fruit sometimes. To be more frugal, I occasionally dry our own in the dehydrator- especially apples- but I admit that I buy it already dried as well because it’s convenient.
Simple, healthy snacks with savings at Publix
Right now you can stock up on some of these snacks and others with great savings at Publix during the Snack and Save event. Find savings on all of these snacks:

• Yoplait® Greek 100, Greek 100 Whips or Yoplait® Plenti, Yoplait® 4 or 6 oz cups (Light, Original, Whips, etc.)
• Frito-Lay® 20-count mutlipacks
• Naked® Juice 15.2 oz
• Quaker Chewy® Granola Bars or Dipps Value Pack
• General Mills Fruit Snacks Value Pack
• Popsicle®
• Fiber One® Cookies
• Chex® Snack Mix
• Tostito’s 9 – 14 oz bagged snacks (except Baked, Simply & Artisan blend)
• Lipton® Iced Tea 1 gallon jug
• Totino’s Pizza Rolls 90 ct.
• Magnum® Core 3 ct

Simple, healthy snacks with savings at Publix

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