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We are definitely eclectic homeschoolers. In other words…we use whatever method works. And sometimes different times, different kids, different subjects call for different methods. Overall I love literature based, hands-on methods. But sometimes I need to use worksheets to practice a particular skill or to cover a new skill. Because we don’t have many standard textbooks, I have to hunt and hunt to find worksheets when I need them. So I was really excited to be able to review Super Teacher Worksheets for the Schoolhouse Review Crew. We received a one year Individual Membership for our review.

Super Teacher Worksheets is an online site. To use the worksheets, you’ll need a computer that can get online and a printer. The worksheets are all PDF files that can be printed. Although the site seems to be primarily geared toward classroom teachers, there is plenty here that homeschool families will love. Most of the worksheets are for kindergarten through middle school levels, and there are lots of teacher resources available as well. The Individual Membership is typically $19.95 for the year.

A review of the Super Teacher Worksheets site
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 When you first login to Super Teacher Worksheets, you’ll find a home screen that features some of the newest available worksheets as well as featured sheets. On the left hand side, you’ll find all of the categories of worksheets that Super Teacher has available.
  • Math worksheets- includes topics such as the basics of addition and subtraction as well as more advanced work with decimals, fractions, and basic graphing
  • Reading and Writing– includes topics such as reading comprehension, punctuation and writing, and book report forms
  • Phonics and Early Literacy– includes phonics and sight word worksheets for teaching beginning readers
  • Handwriting– includes sheets for practicing letters in manuscript and cursive
  • Grammar- includes topics such as parts of speech and punctuation
  • Spelling Lists– includes grade leveled spelling lists for 1st-5th grade
  • Science- includes topics such as human body, insects, plants, and landforms
  • Social Studies– includes topics such as American history, economics, and geography
  • Holidays- includes fun, holiday themed worksheets
  • Puzzles and Brainteasers– includes fun and educational puzzles, riddles, and more
  • Teacher Helpers- includes teaching tools such as lesson planner pages, assignment pages, and awards to print
  • Worksheet Generator– includes tools to make your own worksheets for math and ABC order worksheets, puzzles, quizzes and more

A review of the Super Teacher Worksheets site
I was surprised at the great variety of worksheets available on the site. These aren’t just your basic matching or multiple choice sheets. There are hands-on cutting and pasting sheets. There are puzzles to print. There are games to print. There are themed worksheets with kid-friendly pictures and themes. With this variety, it was pretty easy to find worksheets that were good fits for different learning styles.
One of the main reasons I wanted to check out Super Teacher Worksheets was to find supplementary math worksheets for the younger girls- grades 5 and 6. We’ve had so many math hassles before we settled on our current curriculum, and I’ve been concerned about gaps they may have in their math skills. Super Teacher has sooo many great math worksheets. Once you choose a category of worksheets- such as math- you’ll see a whole listing of the types of worksheets available for that category. 
A review of the Super Teacher Worksheets site

Once you choose the type of worksheet you want, you’ll see individual worksheets listed with a description and a grade range suggested. Icons under the worksheet listing allow you to know which Common Core standards are met with that sheet, know what languages the sheet is available in, have an overview of the sheet, or save the sheet to your personal file cabinet.

A review of the Super Teacher Worksheets site

 Another category of worksheets I’ve found that are actually useful even for my older kids is the puzzle category. There are fun logic puzzles and riddles and more. Even my older kids love puzzles and riddles and often will ask me to find some to print out on a slow day. This category of Super Teacher Worksheets lets me very easily find some to print!

A review of the Super Teacher Worksheets site

A review of the Super Teacher Worksheets site

In the Social Studies category, there are quite a few worksheets about American history. I’m doing American history with my younger girls this year, and I found some printable State Report worksheets that I want to use with them later in the year.

A review of the Super Teacher Worksheets site

The Teaching Tools category is filled with resources like a simple lesson planner and gradebook, kids’ assignment sheets, calendars, and students awards. These are the kind of thing I’d spend hours searching for when I need to print them. And here I can find them all in one place easily.

A review of the Super Teacher Worksheets site

There are even printable papers- basic lined paper, handwriting paper, and even graph paper. How many times have the kids needed graph paper, and we discovered we didn’t have it? I can even print graph paper!

A review of the Super Teacher Worksheets site

One of my favorite parts of the Super Teacher Worksheets site is the Worksheet Generator. In this section I can make my own worksheets for things like math speed drills. I’ve been trying to use speed drills with the younger girls to help them become quicker with basic math facts. This worksheet generator lets me make addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division speed drill sheets. I can also make puzzles with the generator. This lets me whip up a word search with our current science vocabulary or a crossword puzzle with history terms. I can also make up quizzes or flashcards with the generator.

A review of the Super Teacher Worksheets site

A very nice feature of Super Teacher Worksheets is My Filing Cabinet. This allows me to find worksheets that I want to use and save them. This is a real time saver because I can take time when I’m planning and save sheets that interest me to use later. Then when I’m in the midst of school and think of a worksheet that we need, I’ll have it saved in the filing cabinet.

A review of the Super Teacher Worksheets site

Although many of the worksheets here are recommended for K-middle school, there are definitely worksheets that I’ve ended up finding for the older age group as well. I mentioned the puzzle worksheets above. I also went on the lookout for reading comprehension worksheets that Charles (9th grade) could use. I found a good variety of worksheets that can be used to build reading comprehension, and they are good for all ages.

A review of the Super Teacher Worksheets site

Super Teacher Worksheets really is a great resource. Even a non traditional workbook/textbook homeschooler like me can find so many useful printables here.

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Company-Super Teacher Worksheets
ProductIndividual Membership
Age- Most worksheets for K-Middle School, but some can be used for older grades and there are also teacher resources.
Price– $19.95 per year

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Super Teacher Worksheets Review

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