This Week@ As We Walk Along the Road: Capturing the Last of Summer With a Beach Vacation

One of the things I love most about homeschooling is the fact that we set our own schedule. We’ve been blessed to become the owners of a time share in North Myrtle Beach. The time share is for the third week in September. Having used the time share before we became the owners, we know how wonderful the beach is at this time of year. Most of the vacationers are gone. School is back in session. And the beach is blessedly not crowded. It’s a very different scene from the beach trip we traditionally take the week of July 4th. And so, we began school earlier than our local schools, and we have several weeks completed already. That made it easy for us to take this last week off and head to the beach.

A look at our week with fun at the beach

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I love vacationing at the time share because it’s reminiscent of the way I grew up going to the beach. We stayed in a campground. Everything was right there- pools, game rooms, activities planned. The time share is very similar. There are pools, shuffleboard, pool, ping pong, board games, a playground- everything is right there, and there is plenty to do.

I learned shuffleboard for the first time on this trip. None of us had actually played, so Jason looked up the instructions online, and we all learned. I turned out to be not so great, but at least I could still beat the younger girls…sometimes.

Charles and Rachel and I took one evening and headed out to find a few caches. They are my geocaching buddies and are always game to look for some caches in a new place. We found three right around the area of the time share.

Another nice thing about the time share is the activities that are planned. Jason and Charles competed in the pool tournament and ended up being the only ones who did. Jason won.

When we go to the time share, there is so much to do on site that we don’t actually spend much time at the ocean. All of us like going in the evenings, though. It’s cooler and the sun is going down.

I may have gotten a little crazy, trusting Charles and Kathryne to hold me in a cheer stunt.

The outdoor pool was a little cool for me, but everyone else got in. I liked the heated indoor pool and the hot tub. On Tuesday, the resort had a pool party/cookout. The weather was beautiful, and we all hung out at the pool listening to music, swimming and dancing.

All the popular shopping sites are not very crowded in September. We went to Barefoot Landing and Broadway two different days.

If you are a homeschooler, you do not want to miss Ripley’s Aquarium at Myrtle Beach. When we show our homeschool cards, we get a significant discount and can go in for the school price.

Rachel fed the fish and ducks off the bridge.

Both big kids went in together and gave Jason some money to build a car at Ridemakerz. If you’ve never seen one, it’s the Build-a-Bear concept with model/remote control cars. He had seen them when we were at the beach in July but was reluctant to do it. They encouraged him, and, of course, Charles enjoyed the car as much as Jason.

On Friday night we went down for one last walk on the beach. We decided to night drive and left at 11pm to drive home. We’re all still recovering from a long night, but it was good to be home and see our beds and our sweet puppy dog (who stayed with friends).

On Monday, it’s back to school work. I’m not sure the kids are ready, but I’m ready for the routine.

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