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It’s been a somewhat normal week for us- if any week is normal. I fought a migraine this week- one of the worst I’ve had in quite a while- and ended up in the emergency room. As it turns out, I have a bad ear infection and fluid in both ears. Uggh. I thought ear infections were a kid’s sickness. It does make me feel a little more sympathetic towards the kids when they have one.

Besides the ear infection/migraine fun we’ve had a week of regular schoolwork and family fun. And this weekend we’ve traveled to the beach for a week at a timeshare. We’re all looking forward to some relaxing and having fun.

All of us are enjoying some games that I’m reviewing for the Crew. I can’t wait to post about them.

Jason and Charles have a new project. They have two go carts in pretty bad shape. One has a decent body but needs paint, and the other has a good motor. So they’re stripping and painting one to pull the motor off the other and attach it. Living with a hobby mechanic means a yard that’s constantly full of “projects.” On the other hand, it also means we always have our car fixed for the fraction of the cost of taking in to a shop. I won’t complain.

I received my print edition of Molly Magazine in the mail this week and was very excited to see my article with my picture and name in print. I’ve been writing for Molly every month for some time now, but the magazine used to be just a digital magazine. And, while I always love writing and sharing articles and blog posts for online sites, there was something really cool about seeing it in print.

A Molly Green membership now includes the print magazine as well as access to all the digital resources for homemaking, homesteading, and homeschooling.

Are you a homeschooler who has used Math-U-See and it either didn’t work out or your kids are older now? Rachel has a wonderful use for all those (very expensive) Math-U-See blocks- make Polly Pocket houses, of course. I’m so glad that those blocks that we paid all that money for are being put to good use (and, yes, there are many tones of sarcasm in that statement).

Ashlyne and Rachel and I are using the Christian Kids Explore Biology book from Bright Ideas Press this year for science. We talked about taxonomy this week and looked at the phyla categories within Kingdom Animalia. The girls searched magazines for pictures of animals in each phyla.

Today- Saturday- we headed to the beach to stay in our (new to us) timeshare. We’re all looking very much forward to our week, hoping for relaxing by the pool and walking on the beach. This picture of the girls ready for the pool is a good reflection of their personalities.

I’m linking up this week with Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

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