Become a Part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew: Great Curricula, Awesome Fellowship and Support, Encouraging Blog Growth

This year has been my third year to participate in the Schoolhouse Review Crew. Hopefully my readers have gotten to know the Crew well through some of my reviews of the awesome products and curricula I’ve shared. But now it’s time for you to have an opportunity to join the Review Crew. Throughout the month of October, applications are open for new Crew members. In this post, I’m sharing reasons why being a part of the Crew has blessed me tremendously, and I’ll share the link to the application so that you can apply to be a part of this great group.

Review homeschool curriculum and products with the 2016 Schoolhouse Review Crew

Great Curricula

Of course the first thing you may think about when you hear “Schoolhouse Review Crew” is all of the great homeschool curricula that you will get to try as a Review Crew member. I’m a self-professed curriculum junkie. Before the Crew, I would see a great book or curriculum and long to try it. Many times I would talk myself into spending the money for it…only to find out that it was not a good fit for us. As a Crew member I’ve had the opportunity to try out curriculum and products that I’ve longed for as well as new things I’d never heard of.

Here are just a few of my current favorites that we’ve reviewed this Crew year:

  • IEW’s writing intensive course- This is one of those I kept resisting trying because it was just so expensive. But I had the opportunity to try it and found an amazing writing course that has transformed my “hate to write” son.
  • Passport to History from Homeschool in the Woods- This is a totally fun, but at the same time educational, hands-on history course. I’ve enjoyed learning about the Middle Ages as much as my younger girls!
  • Funtastic Science Unit Studies– Again, this is fun, hands-on learning. These science units are all about experiments and learning by doing.
  • USAopoly Games- Reviews aren’t only about curricula. One of the reviews that we all had fun with recently was the review of two great family games from USAopoly.

Awesome Fellowship and Support

The curricula is not the only benefit of Crew membership. During my first year on the Crew, I “kept to myself.” As an introvert online as well as in real life, I’m not quick to join in any kind of social group. So, even though the Crew has this great social forum, I checked it only as required and didn’t really socialize there very often. Last year- my second on the Crew- I decided to take advantage of the fellowship. And I was very blessed.

On the forum we have general conversation. We talk about blogging and social media. And we pray for each other. When my father passed away this year, I had many Crew members offer their prayers and their words of encouragement and support to me through the forum and through private messages.  It’s such a blessing to have fellowship and support with like-minded people.

Encouraging Blog Growth

There are certain requirements for blogging and social media for Crew members. Since joining the Crew three years ago, I’ve really begun to grow my blog. I’ve learned more about successful blogging and about how to use social media. As an indirect result of that blog growth, I’ve been able to begin monetizing and making some money through blogging and blog related activities.

As a part of the Crew I can participate in blog carnivals and blog hops. I can share my posts through social media and have other Crew members share them for me. I am encouraged to maintain a regular blogging schedule. I’ve had the opportunity to guest post for bigger bloggers. I can really attribute much of my blog growth from the last few years to my Crew membership.

So…are you ready to become a Schoolhouse Review Crew member? Read this post on the Crew blog to learn about the requirements and to find an application. Join the Crew for the opportunity to try out great homeschool curricula as well as for the blessings of support and encouragement that come through fellowship with other Crew members.

Schoolhouse Review Crew 2016 Applications

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