Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas With Things You Have Around the House and Sun-Staches Accessories

We are one of those families. You know, the ones who are continuing to allow their children to trick-or-treat for Halloween despite their advanced ages. And, yes, I know that Halloween is a hot button issue in Christian circles anyway. I actually struggled over whether or not to even write a post with Halloween in the title. But, here it is.

Not only do we celebrate Halloween with dressing up and trick-or-treat, but I’m also notorious for waiting until the last minute to come up with Halloween outfits for the kids. It isn’t their fault. They usually begin in June telling me what they’re thinking of dressing up as. I nod and “umm hmm” and promptly forget about it. Until the week before Halloween. Then we end up running around like crazy people looking for a black cloak or a plastic bow and arrow set (real examples from recent Halloweens). This year I’ve informed the troops that I’m not buying any costumes. They are instructed to come up with their own outfits from items we already own. I may purchase an accessory- but only something inexpensive. They’re getting pretty creative so far.

Last minute Halloween costume ideas

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So, here it is. If you are one of “those” families like us and you not only are letting your children trick-or-treat but you’ve also waited until the week before Halloween to find a costume, here are some ideas for fun Halloween costumes that you can put together from things around the house. And, I’m sharing a great little accessory I’ve found that is fun to use all year long but can especially make for fun, simple Halloween costumes.

Dress as a favorite television character.

Kathryne has picked out a television character from a show that we’re watching on Netflix. She’s wearing regular clothes, but in a style that isn’t really hers but is something the character would wear. This would be even better if the character has a signature watch or ring or another piece of jewelry that will make them more noticeable.

Wear your own sports attire to be an athlete.

Out of all of the sports our kids have participated in, we have tons of uniform items lying around. Last year Kathryne was a Clemson cheerleader. She wore a Clemson shirt but wore some of her cheer paraphernalia as well. Ashlyne was a gymnast a few years ago and just had to wear one of her regular leotards and a warm up suit. Rachel plans to be a ballerina this year, and she’s going to wear a ballet leotard from a past dance performance.

Use accessories with regular clothes to create a costume.

One year Rachel was the China Doll from The Wizard of Oz. All she needed to do was wear a dress she already owned and add a pair of white tights. We drew lines on the tights in marker to be the cracks in the China Doll. On another year, Jason dressed as Paul Bunyan with a flannel shirt he already owned and a homemade ax.

Recently I’ve come upon Sun-Staches which will make a great, simple accessory to create a Halloween costume. If you’ve not seen these around yet, let me introduce you to fun sunglasses. They’re called Sun-Staches. They have 100% UV protection like sunglasses, but they are tons cooler. Made in many different designs, Sun-Staches provide, not just protection from the sun, but the opportunity to become one of a great variety of characters. So, with regular clothes from around the house, you can pop on your Sun-Staches and become any one of a number of well-known characters.

We received the Rabbit Sun-Staches, and Ashyne already has big plans for incorporating them into a Halloween costume as Detective Bunny.

You can grab your own pair of Sun-Staches with a guarantee that you’ll receive them by Halloween if you order by October 25.

Sun-Staches sunglasses and costume accessory

Make up your own character/costume.

One year Charles took a large cardboard box and cut out a head hole. He wrote the word “Total” on the outside and wore the box for his costume. He was the “Total package.” It’s okay to get silly and make up something totally new. It’s your costume. You can make it whatever you want it to be!

My kids are ahead of the game this year. All of them have decided on something to wear that involves only what we already own. Hopefully, that means no last minute scramble for me this year. What are your ideas for a quick and easy last-minute Halloween costume?

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