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Literature Unit Ideas For Frog and Toad All Year by Arnold Lobel (31 Days of Literature Unit Ideas)

Leah Courtney
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This post is part of the 31 Days of Literature Unit Ideas series. You can find the whole series here with links to all thirty-one books. And if you'd like to use this book as a literature unit, you'll find a FREE printable schedule below.

Today's book feature is one of my favorite to use with little ones. Frog and Toad All Year by Arnold Lobel is  on of the well-known and much-loved children's series about the best friends Frog and Toad. The book is one that can be extended in lots of fun ways.

About the book:

The Frog and Toad books are classic children's books that are often used as first chapter book readers. In this particular Frog and Toad book, the friends have five different adventures that circle around the seasons of the year. In "Down the Hill" Frog and Toad have fun sledding together. In "The Corner" the friends discuss their anticipation of spring and the signs of the season. In "Ice Cream" Frog and Toad feel the effects of the hot summer day as their ice cream cones melt. In "The Surprise" the two friends want to surprise each other by raking the falling leaves. In "Christmas Eve" Toad realizes how special his friend is when Frog is late to celebrate Christmas.

The Frog and Toad books have simple, sweet stories of friendship. They make excellent read alouds-even to very young children. And the everyday events in which Frog and Toad participate make the books an excellent springboard for talking with children about these day to day things.

Ideas for learning about frogs and toads (science)

Ideas for learning about the seasons (science)

Ideas for learning language (language arts)

  • Fiction vs. nonfiction- Besides the Frog and Toad books, there are plenty of fiction books starring froggy characters. Choose some fiction and nonfiction books from the book list below. Talk with the children about what fiction and nonfiction mean. Then have them identify whether each book is fiction or nonfiction and some ways that they know. (Here are some good tips for teaching children the difference.)
  • This site has a great idea for writing a cinquain poem about frogs. If your children are old enough to talk about some basic parts of speech, you can use that information to write a cinquain poem.
  • The Frog and Toad books are great for comparing characters because even though Frog and Toad are best friends, they're quite different. Have children draw Frog on one piece of blank paper and Toad on another. As you read the stories, write information about each one under each drawing.

Ideas for Crafts and Hands On Activities

Other resources:


If you'd like to use Frog and Toad All Year as a literature unit, you can find a FREE printable schedule here.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

Leah Courtney is a homeschooling mom of four. She’s graduated two teens- one who’s a legal adult now! And she’s still homeschooling two middle schoolers. She loves all things book related, and in her- very rare- free time you can find her listening to audiobooks and coloring.


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