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Earlier this year with the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I was introduced to, an online, family, Christian movie store, when we reviewed a biography of John Wesley. I recently had the opportunity to review another movie from one I’ve been wanting to watch since seeing the trailer some time ago. I received the movie Little Boy for review. I received the movie as a physical DVD.

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About the movie…

family-friendly movie reviewSet during World War 2, Little Boy is the story of Pepper Busbee. Pepper is unusually small for his age, and he is often made fun of by the other children in town. Pepper’s dad, however, becomes his buddy. Together the two have all kinds of adventures. And Pepper’s dad convinces him that what he believes will happen.

When Pepper’s dad is called up to serve in the army, however, the happiness and security of the family is threatened. Pepper’s older brother is resentful because he was considered unfit for service when he tried to join the army due to his flat feet. Pepper is devastated without his constant pal. And Pepper’s mom tries to hold the family together. Pepper decides to talk to the priest of the church in his small town to find out how to have enough faith to end the war and bring his dad home. The priest gives Pepper a list of ten things, adding to the list the task of befriending a “Jap” who has just moved to town.

The older Japenese man has recently moved to town. And, although he’s lived long in America, he’s caught in the midst of the hate that many Americans feel for anyone of his culture and country. Pepper’s brother is one of the most vehement denouncers of the man. But now, thanks to the priest, Pepper is challenged to befriend him.

As the movie progresses, Pepper is continuing to work through his list and trying to have enough faith to end the war and bring his dad home. All the while, he’s becoming closer to his new Japanese friend, despite his initial reservations. And while the town- and even his family- doubt, Pepper is determined that things will turn out well.

My thoughts…

I loved the story. It was touching in so many ways- Pepper’s relationship with his father, the strength of Pepper’s mother as she struggled to hold her family together, the developing relationship Pepper has with his new Japanese friend. It was also a tear jerker. I’ll freely admit that my family came in at the end and found me quite a mess.

The movie is a good, clean one. The movie has a PG-13 rating, probably because of some pretty intense war scenes. I watched it alone for the first time because I wanted to be aware of what was in it. But I wouldn’t have a problem with letting my children watch it. (My youngest is ten.) Some younger viewers may be more sensitive to the war scenes. And there is some pretty intense emotion, for those who are more sensitive to that. I’m pretty sure I scared my younger girls away from watching when they saw me all teary at the end.

I did have one concern about the movie. It’s a worldview issue to me, so it’s definitely one I would talk about with my kids before letting them watch. The message that is communicated through Pepper’s “list” that is supposed to help him have faith and end the war is a message of faith through works. The priest encourages this point of view. He’s the one who gives Pepper the list to begin with. Because of this, I wouldn’t really consider this a “Christian” film. The “faith” that is referred to many times seems to be faith in oneself, a faith that is earned, instead of a faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

So, all in all, I would say this is a good, family-friendly film, appropriate for older kids and adults who can handle the war scenes. I wouldn’t say it’s a particularly “Christian” film, however.

About… is an online video store. They offer DVDs and Blu-ray movies in a variety of categories including Bible teaching, family films, educational films, biographies, comedy, Catholic films, and more. There are several bargain sections on the site as well where you can find select movies at a reduced price.

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