Celebrate Thanksgiving With a Free Unit Study

I am one of those crazy homeschooling mamas who doesn't like stopping school for long periods during the holidays. I thrive with routine, and I think the kids do better with a little bit of structure throughout the days. So for most holidays we don't take long school vacations. Instead, I'll often plan a fun unit study, focusing on the holiday and its history and meaning. This gives us enough to do to maintain a flexible schedule but also allows us to have some time away from the regular routine. It's also been a great way to teach about the holidays throughout the years.

Free five-day Thanksgiving unit study that includes a printables pack

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To that end, I've made this Thanksgiving unit study. This is a five-day study that will give you the opportunity to learn a little about the holiday, read some good books, and have some hands-on Thanksgiving fun.


Day one

  • Thanksgiving copywork (taken from The First Thanksgiving by Blaisdell and Ball)-printable pack
  • Watch this video to learn more about the Pilgrims who came to America.
  • The First Thanksgiving Word Search-printable pack
  • Print and play Thanksgiving BINGO.

Day two

Day three

Day four

Day five

I hope you enjoy this Thanksgiving unit study, and please feel free to pass the link along to your friends!

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