Drawing Through the Bible With Grapevine Studies (A Schoolhouse Crew Review)

One of my favorite all time Bible curriculum has been Grapevine Studies. The curriculum takes a unique approach to studying Scripture and touches on a variety of learning styles as you study information in the Scriptures. I’ve had the opportunity to review for Grapevine Studies before, and I’ve also purchased Bible studies from the publisher. For the latest Schoolhouse Crew review, I had the opportunity to check out Old Testament 1: Level 3 Creation to Jacob.

I used this Bible study with my youngest two children- grades 5 and 6. We received a digital download of the student family license ebook- Old Testament 1: Level 3 Creation to Jacob study as well as a teacher license ebook with instructions and lesson plans. With the family license ebook, I can print as many copies as I need for all the students using the study. There is also a physical edition of the study, and there are class licenses available if you’d like to use the study in a Sunday School or homeschool co-op class. Level 3 is typically used for grades 5 and 6. But you can find information about the various levels offered here so that you know which to use.

Review of homeschool Bible study lessons from Grapevine Studies

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What is unique about Grapevine Studies?

I was drawn to Grapevine Studies in my early homeschooling years, and I used the curriculum with my older kids for a while. The studies are truly unique because the students draw through the Bible lessons using stick figures. The studies also include Bible memory, vocabulary, Bible geography, timelines, and Bible study tools at various levels.

Occasionally the drawing feature will intimidate parents who don’t like to draw themselves or who consider themselves poor artists. However, there are detailed instructions, and the pictures are very simple. The idea isn’t to have the best art. It is to give the student a concrete, hands-on way to record learning.

Visual learning with Grapevine's unique approach

There are various ways to use the curriculum. Some people choose to use it as a weekly study covering one lesson once a week. Some people choose to use it as a daily study and spread one lesson out over daily lessons through the week. There are great instructions in the book for organizing your lessons.

Teacher's information from Grapevine's homeschool Bible study lessons

Another great feature about Grapevine Studies is that every lesson includes a timeline. The timeline begins at the beginning of the study as an overview of what you’re going to learn. Then with every lesson, there is a timeline review to redraw a small portion of the timeline in a review of what you’ve covered so far. I love timeline because they help the kids see an overall picture of what it going on. And when we use timelines in Bible study, I think it helps the kids to truly understand that they are reading history, what has actually happened.

Timelines aid visual learning

What is covered in the Old Testament 1: Creation to Jacob study?

Grapevine Studies offers lessons on a variety of topics. There is a multi-part Old Testament overview as well as a multi-part New Testament overview. There are also individual studies that cover Bible characters and events. The Creation to Jacob study is the first part in the Old Testament overview. Reading directly from Scripture, we’ve been covering Bible events, beginning with creation and tracing the history of Genesis through the life of Jacob.

As we’ve studied, we’ve defined vocabulary to help us understand the lesson; we’ve learned verses that go with the lessons we’re studying; we’ve looked at Biblical places on the map; we’ve answered review questions; and we’ve worked through the timeline to have an overview of the Biblical history we’re covering.

Using the kids' Bible curriculum from Grapevine

What’s up with all the levels?

We’ve been reviewing level 3 of this study. Grapevine Studies offers a variety of levels to meet the needs of each child. And the lessons can be coordinated so that the whole family can work on the same study at different levels. The overview studies offer six levels- traceable for very young students, beginner, and levels 1-4. The recommended level for grades 5-6 is level 3, so I chose that level to use with Ashlyne and Rachel. The teacher books occasionally overlap in level, so the teacher book I received has material to use with levels 3-4.

Deciding which level to use and where to start is simple with this guide that Grapevine gives. You can decide which books are appropriate for your family and which teacher’s guides you may need to go with them. You can also find sample pages here to help you make your decision.

Multi-level Bible study lessons with Grapevine Studies

How did we use this study?

I like to use our Grapevine Studies as a daily Bible class as part of our homeschool. I began the study by doing the overview of the timeline in one lesson. Then we follow this pattern- page one of the lesson including the timeline review and vocabulary, then page two of the lesson including questions, the wrap-up, and the memory verse for the lesson.

Understanding the Bible with Grapevine studies

What do I love about Grapevine Studies?

Honestly, I’ve not found much to dislike about Grapevine Studies. Here are some of my favorite things about the curriculum.

  • I love the focus on the Bible as history. The lessons aren’t treated as “Bible stories” but as actual, historical lessons in Biblical history.
  • I love the timelines. I’m a history buff, and timelines are my thing. I love to be able to see where on the timeline events fall to give us a good overview of what’s happening.
  • I love the variety of learning styles that the lessons touch. Hands-on learners will love the drawing. But there’s also listening and reading Scripture, the visual timelines, thinking questions and memory. No matter your child’s learning style, there’s probably an activity he can relate to.
  • I love that the whole family can study the same lesson with different levels. Whether you chose a topical study or an overview study there are multiple levels that you can use so that the whole family is studying the same topic on each one’s individual level.
Grapevine Studies is a Bible curriculum I plan to continue using. My younger girls do well with it, and I love the Grapevine approach.

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Understanding the Bible with Grapevine studies

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