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Literature Unit Study Ideas for Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren (31 Days of Literature Unit Ideas)

Leah Courtney
This post is part of the 31 Days of Literature Unit Ideas series. You can find the other books in the series here. And if you'd like to use this literature unit, you can find a FREE printable guide below.

The book I'm featuring in this study is a favorite for kids and parents. It makes a really fun read aloud. Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren has funny and touching elements and makes for some good conversations as you're reading.

Pippi Longstocking literature unit

About the book...

Pippi Longstocking is a fiery, spunky heroine. She lives in her house - Villa Villekulla- with only her monkey and horse because her father was a sea captain who's been missing, and her mother died when she was young. When Tommy and Annika- who live next door- meet Pippi, they love her at once. The three become great friends and have adventures. In fact adventure and sometimes trouble seem to follow Pippi.

There are some really funny parts to the story that will have parents and kids alike laughing along. There are also some touching and thought-provoking parts that are worth talking about. Pippi is a little girl, living alone. And despite her animal friends that live with her and Tommy and Annika next door, she has to fend for herself and misses her parents.

History/social studies connections...

Science connections...

Language arts connections...

Hands-on; crafts...

Other resources...

Pippi Longstocking literature unit


If you'd like to use Pippi Longstocking as a literature unit study, you can find a FREE printable guide here.

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

Leah Courtney is a homeschooling mom of four. She’s graduated two teens- one who’s a legal adult now! And she’s still homeschooling two middle schoolers. She loves all things book related, and in her- very rare- free time you can find her listening to audiobooks and coloring.


  1. I am having difficulty signing up for your newsletter. I would like to get the Pippi Longstocking guide, but when I put information in and click submit, nothing is happening. Have tried multiple times. Thank you!

    1. I am sorry, Sara. I fixed the link above, and here is the direct link to the unit study guide.


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